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Lighting and Heating with Centenary Hire

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]s the cold winter months descend upon us the desire to rug up can be enticing and even thoughts of postponing projects or to stop entertaining at home can creep in.  But come on, it’s Queensland and the Winter days are fantastic!  However if you’re chasing a little more comfort or a bit quicker turn around on drying times for example, then at least Centenary Hire can help in these ways …

#1. Large Area Heating

If getting your space toasty warm is on your agenda, then we’ve got some great hire equipment options.  For outdoor get togethers during the cold winter nights, a brazier produces both warmth and atmosphere from burning heat beads.  A great option for adult gatherings however, as this style of heater radiates upwards outwards from the metal cage placed on the ground, it can pose a significant a burn risk for smaller visitors. A more appropriate option in this case is a patio heater. This gas-fuelled area heater radiates heat down from above head height, reducing the burn risk and also making it more suitable for a larger gatherings as it warms a larger area.

In a large workshop, warehouse, greenhouse or breeding shed situation, the most economical heating option is a space heater. This option requires both LPG to fuel the flame and an electrical outlet power the internal fan. This item is also used for aiding or quickening the drying and curing process for materials such as concrete, paint, waterproofing and other similar products.

#2. Small Area Heating

Heat guns, such as this electric heat gun, or a gas heat gun are a handy device that emits a stream of hot air, at temperatures between 100 -500 degrees Celsius. They are often used to strip paint, weld plastic, aid curing of spot areas, dry out damp wood and to activate shrink wrap products.

#3. Lighting:

Keeping areas well-lit during these shorter winter days provides a longer work day and allows you to get more done. A 1500-watt flood light can be used to illuminate large areas, like an entire backyard, so your work can continue long after dark if needed. For those working inside, a 30w LED work light is self-supporting when put on the ground or a shelf and is highly portable.  Also with very little heat emitted from the light it can be set up close to the work being performed.  On the other hand, a fluorescent lead light can be great for keeping critical areas lit up by semi-permanently affixing it to a structure.  The fully encased versions can also be used under, over and inside many objects are they are resilient to bumps and knocks.

All of these products and more are available everyday at Centenary Hire. Book your hire equipment online at our website now.


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Centenary Hire is a Tradesmen & Weekend Warrior’s best friend. Our ever-increasing range of hire equipment consists of modern tools, machinery, scaffold, access equipment and site services all of which are aimed at helping you get the job done right – the first time. Our friendly staff can help you to choose the right equipment for your project or you can view & book your equipment online now at www.CentenaryHire.com.au. Drop into our store at Sumner Park or request an equipment delivery as our efficient transport service extends well beyond the limits of Brisbane daily.


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