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Tips From Painting Professionals

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen it comes to improving your home, painting and decorating is often one of the things left to DIY. Although it’s nice to have your home painted by a professional, paying for this service can often be costly. Thankfully, with the right equipment, tools, and high quality paints, you can achieve a similar finish to a professional all by yourself at home. We’ve listed some of the best tips from professionals for decorating and painting your home.

Check Thoroughly

If you simply start brushing paint onto the walls straight away, you’ll find that the results are nothing like you would have hoped. One of the key tips given by the professionals is to invest a lot of time into preparing the areas before you begin to paint. A good preparation begins with a thorough check of the area to deal with any areas that are cracked, peeling, or flaking before you start to paint.


Once you’ve checked your walls and found any areas that need to be dealt with, it’s time to start preparation. If you have wallpaper in your home, this will need to be stripped off the walls before you can begin to paint. Then, you’ll need to sand down and thoroughly clean your walls in order to provide the best base for painting on. If you’re painting over old paint, a thorough sand and clean with sugar soap is all that’s required. Using a primer is also essential; no professional paints without it!

Choose High Quality

It may be tempting to save money by purchasing cheap painting tools, but the fact is, spending a little more on high quality tools and equipment will definitely pay off when it comes to the results. This is especially important if you’re going to be splashing out on great quality paint, as you don’t want your cheap tools to ruin the finish. Good brushes and rollers give excellent coverage, not only producing nicer results but also making the job far easier!

Protecting Surfaces

One of the main professional tips for painting your home is to ensure that you protect anything that isn’t to be painted. Going around with painter’s tape and laying down dust sheets can be tedious, but you will be thankful of the time you spend doing this before you begin painting.

Painting your home like a professional doesn’t have to be difficult, when you know how! Even consider using a mobile scaffold like an aluminium ‘zippy’ scaffold to make this job easier if you have high walls & ceilings.


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