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Outdoor Cleaning

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]pring is upon us again, the sun is warm and water out the tap is not so cold any more. Maybe it’s time to tick off a few of the tasks that often need doing after Winter like leaning your outdoor entertaining area ready for BBQs as well as the concrete/stone paths around the home. Give your driveway and even the house walls and roof a fresh look with some serious cleaning. If any of these jobs are on your list, it’s a good idea to consider hiring some commercial grade equipment to get the jobs done more effectively and more efficiently than using a broom and garden hose. Further good news is that if you choose to use a water pressure cleaner it will use less water than a regular garden hose.  It’s a win-win situation.

Cleaning Outdoor Areas

Over time dirt and even algae build up on outdoor floor areas, especially if they are bare concrete. Brooms and hoses and even a good old hand scrubbing brush would eventually get the area clean however a floor scrubber machine is designed for the task. With a course bristle brush as well as scouring pad options, it will not only tackle the ground-in dirt but will let you do it without bending over. Even if you just use a garden hose in combination with the floor scrubber, you will still get a good result.

Want to get a little more serious with the cleaning?  An electric 1500 PSI water pressure cleaner is going to significantly improve your results with its impressive water power as assistance to the floor scrubber.  If you’re worried about water splashing windows or doors and perhaps making more clean up work, then consider a 300mm rotary surface cleaner attachment. This will not only contain splashes and over spray, it also allows you to clean a greater surface area in one pass and maintains a consistent height off the surface being cleaned for a professional looking finish.

Cleaning Driveways & Paths

Dirt and algae build up also occurs on brick and concrete paths or driveways and it can begin to detract from the overall presentation of your home. A water pressure cleaner is capable of providing a deep and restoring clean and for large areas which can take considerable time, you may consider using a petrol unit such as a 3000 PSI or 4000 PSI water pressure cleaner. These are physically larger units and because they have higher pressure they are capable of cleaning faster. These units also have a 400mm rotary surface cleaner attachment which is a great option for driveways as it cleans more area in one pass and creates a more consistent finish.

Alternatively there is a new machine, only recently made available called a dual pressure washer. This is an all-in-one water pressure cleaner that has a 530mm rotary surface cleaner permanently attached to the bottom of a frame which can be pushed like a walk behind cleaner. It also has a regular lance on board for cleaning stubborn or other inaccessible areas. This machine is especially useful for large areas such as driveways and tennis courts as it offers the user so little resistance. When using a water pressure cleaner most people underestimate the time that it will take so always err on the side of caution when planning your time frames.

Cleaning the Exterior of the Home

Let’s not forget that even the walls of your home can require cleaning from time to time, either to wash away surface dirt or to remove flaking paint ready for sanding and painting. Water pressure cleaners can also be used for these tasks and in particular the 300mm rotary surface cleaner can be configured to clean horizontal (wall) surfaces. The petrol water pressure cleaners, with greater pressure, are often used to remove flaking paint.  If you’re attempting to reach the gutters, a 1.45m Platform Step Ladder creates a great sturdy platform and incorporates a hand rail to increase your safety when working at heights.

Finally, petrol water pressure cleaners are also often used by roofing contractors to clean roof surfaces either to improve the appearance or in preparation for a new lick of paint.

All of this equipment is available for hire now at Centenary Hire and the Spring weather is great for working outdoors. Why not get started early before the heat of Summer makes any physical task a lot less comfortable.

Please note: Water pressure cleaners can be dangerous if they are not used correctly and if safety is not treated as a priority. Further, the strength of the water pressure should always be tested on the surface before engaging fully in the task to ensure that an appropriate pressure is used and unwanted damage does not occur.

If you would like any guidance or have any questions, please do not hesitate to talk with our friendly team at the Hire Desk.

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