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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions or concerns about hiring equipment out of our Brisbane-based company? Read on below to see if someone had a similar question for which we can provide an answer.

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What identification will I need to produce to hire equipment, like bobcats or scaffolding?

If you wish to hire equipment as a private individual, you will be required to produce photo identification and proof of address. (Both of these can be satisfied by producing a Queensland Driver Licence.)

If you wish to hire equipment as a business entity you will be required to produce either:

  • photo identification and proof of address if your are the business owner or Directoror
  • an Australian Business Number (ABN) or Australian Company Number (ACN) as well as proof of business address (such as letterhead or business card.)

Do I need to provide means of security or a deposit before I hire?

Yes, and this can be done 1 of 3 ways.

  1. Provide the details of a credit* card. No deposit amount will be charged to the card but it will act as security against the equipment on the Hire Contract as well as the hire charges.The hire charges must be paid at the final off hire. This can be done by using the same credit card or by another method such as EFTPOS or cash. (Amex & cheques are not accepted)

    * Please note that MasterCard & Visa Debit cards numbers are not accepted as credit card security.

  2. Provide the details of your debit MasterCard or debit Visa card as security against the equipment on the Hire Contract and pay for the intended hire duration at the commencement of hire. No deposit amount will be required and payment can be made using your debit MasterCard or debit Visa card or by another method such as EFTPOS or cash. (Amex & cheques are not accepted)At the final off hire of the equipment, any excess hire or other charges will be payable.
  3. Pay in cash* for the intended hire duration at the commencement of hire and leave a further cash amount which will act as a deposit against the equipment on the Hire Contract. The deposit amount is calculated according to equipment hired and other items on the Hire Contract and will be greater than the value of the hire charge. At the final off hire, the hire charges will be calculated and the balance of the deposit which you left will be refunded.*A cash deposit can be made using cash or by using an electronic savings or cheque account.

    A cash deposit is not able to be used where the equipment hire duration is unknown or the duration will carry over the end of a monthly billing period.

Do I have to pay for the hire of equipment like chainsaws or cherry pickers up front?

If you have have provided a credit card number as security on the Hire Contract you will not be required to pay any hire charges until you have returned all of the equipment and the Hire Contract is finalised*. At this time you may choose to pay for the hire charges by cash or EFTPOS.
*Except in the circumstance where your hire duration goes over the end of month.

If you are unable to provide the details of a credit card, you will be required to pay for the intended hire duration and associated charges at the commencement of hire. You may also be required to leave a monetary deposit.

For more details, see the answer to the question, “Do I need to provide a means of security or leave a deposit amount to hire equipment?”

How long are your equipment hire periods?

We offer four standard hire periods.

4hr = 4 hours
eg. Take equipment on Monday at 7:00am and return it on the same Monday before 11:00am.
This hire period is only available on selected equipment. Check our Equipment Catalogue for the selected equipment.

1 Day = 24 hours
eg. Take equipment on Monday at 7:00am and return it before the following Tuesday 7:00am.

Weekend = 48 hours (approx)
eg. Take equipment on Saturday at 7:00am and return it on the following Monday before 9:00am.

1 Week = 7 days
eg. Take equipment on Monday at 7:00am and return it before the following Monday 7:00am.

We also offer some equipment on Long Term Hire & Permanent Hire at reduced hire rates. For more information on these hire periods please contact our Hire Desk on (07) 3715 9700.

When does the hire period start and stop?

Hire operates on the basic principle of ‘time out, not time used’.

Hire starts when you take possession of the equipment. It stops when you return the equipment or call for the equipment to be collected. There are always exceptions to the rule so please speak with us about any of your special circumstances.

Can you advise me on what equipment I will need? For example, do I need a concrete saw or concrete cutter?

Yes. Our Hire Desk staff collectively have over 90 years of Hire Industry experience and practical knowledge with regard to our tools, machinery, scaffold, access equip. & site services.

If you describe the task that you want to accomplish, our staff will be able to show you and give you information about the piece of equipment or selection of equipment options that will be most suitable for your task.

In the event that we do not stock the equipment item that you require:

a. If you are an account holder we will source the equipment on your behalf and provide it to you through your Centenary Hire account.

b. If you are a cash customer we will give you the name, phone number & location of another hire company who stocks the particular item.

Will I be shown how to use the equipment that I hire?

Yes. Upon hiring equipment we will give you instructions on how to operate or assemble the equipment as well as instructions about safe use of the equipment.

Many equipment items will also be accompanied with this information in the printed format.

What happens if I’m having trouble with the equipment or it breaks down while I’m using it?

Not a problem! Because we own the equipment it is our responsibility to ensure that the equipment is operating properly and our workshop staff are ready to help you in every way that they can.

Ring us first on 3715 9700, select option 3 for Workshop and we will attempt to solve the problem over the phone.

If that is not successful we will arrange for the equipment to be serviced or exchanged. This can occur either by you bringing the equipment to Centenary Hire or we will happily and quickly dispatch a staff member to attend your location.

Outside of business hours ringing our office number (07 3715 9700) will provide you with an after hours contact number.

Our main priority is to help you get that job done!

What happens if I damage hire equipment or it is lost/stolen?

Once in your possession hire equipment becomes your responsibility and is not covered by any insurance or damage waiver by Centenary Hire.

Where equipment is returned damaged it will be assessed by our workshop to determine if the damage is as a result of fair wear & tear or whether repair and/or replacement costs are due for the damaged components.

In the event that equipment is lost/stolen it will be charged for at the current replacement cost.

Do you have a delivery or collection service for Brisbane equipment hire?

Yes. We have a fleet of vehicles dedicated to transporting equipment to and from your location. Requests for transport are prioritised as we receive them and according to your needs. We can deliver or collect equipment at specific times such as 8am rather than giving you a delivery time of between 8am and 12pm for example.

Our delivery and collection service covers all reaches of Brisbane and beyond such as north to Caboolture, east to the bay, west to Fernvale and south to the Gold Coast. There aren’t many places that we don’t go.

What is the benefit of opening a Trading Account with Centenary Hire?

he benefits of a Trading Account are several.

  1. Centenary Hire will extend to you 30 days credit after the issue of your monthly statement.
  2. Operating a Trading Account negates the need to provide security or a deposit amount on each Hire Contract.
  3. You may authorise other people to hire equipment on your Trading Account.
  4. If you require equipment that Centenary Hire does not stock, we will get it in for you from another company.
  5. You are given the option of making account payments via electronic funds transfer (EFT).

To apply for a Trading Account with Centenary Hire simply fill out a Commercial Credit Application. You can get this by either dropping into our store, by phoning us and asking for one to be posted, emailed or faxed or go to the Credit Application page and download one now.

What if I am unhappy with the equipment or service?

Tell us! If we don’t know that there is a problem then we cannot take steps to resolve it. We are always open to constructive customer feedback, good and bad.

If you feel that your particular circumstance requires further action or more attention than it has received at the Hire Desk, please ask to see a staff member from Management. Alternatively your feedback can be given via our Contact page.

If you are still unsatisfied with the result, then you may refer your complaint to the Hire & Rental Industry Association of which Centenary Hire is a member.

What are the Terms and Conditions of a Hire Contract?

Please click on this link for Centenary Hire Terms & Conditions v07_13