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How to Choose the Right Elevating Work Platform

[dropcap]E[/dropcap]levating work platforms (EWP), such as slab scissor lifts, cherry pickers or vertical masts can make your job a great deal easier. Whether you need to reach a workspace right up high or a workspace that requires you to go up and over a fixed obstacle, you’ll be able to find a EWP that’s suited to your job at Centenary Hire.  With several to choose from however, selecting the right one for your needs doesn’t need to be a complex process.

Slab Scissor Lifts

An EWP that has a platform the same size as the base, scissor lifts can be used for both outdoor and indoor projects but are restricted to sealed & level ground surfaces. This type of lift is one of the most popular, due to the fact that it can easily be used to lift both equipment and people! Their small footprint for access in narrow spaces such as hallways and atriums and all have a push out deck feature which allows you to partially operate over top of obstacles. Centenary Hire have the following Scissor Lifts available for immediate hire: 3.0m & 5.8m (both include transport trailer), 6.0m and 8.0m options.  Low cost transport is also available on all scissor lifts.

Vertical Masts

Vertical masts are popular for working in confined spaces where the work area is directly over-head and at height. After positioning the vertical mast, having travelled through doorway openings if required, the operator uses a simple up/down control to elevate the platform to the desired height. Centenary Hire have 2 vertical masts available.

The 4.3m Power Lift is super light and for this reason is able to be taken up/down stairs.  It also partially breaks apart for transport allowing it to comfortably fit into the back of a van.  With adjustable outriggers for base support, the Power Lift can also be set up on uneven ground surfaces.

The 7.5m Rizer Vertical Lift is a self-propelled model with the ability to move the lift even when extended at full height.  It has the added feature of a push out deck for partially working over top of fixed obstacles.  This lift however, requires a sealed and flat ground surface for use.

Cherry Pickers

Towable cherry pickers are a versatile EWP and because they are mounted on a trailer are the best choice for jobs where portability is an important feature. Also known as Cherry Pickers, the towable boom lift is ideal for jobs that require a lot of movement, and are a top choice with contractors who can then use them for a variety of different jobs in various locations. They are the ideal choice for outdoor projects such as utility work, outdoor decorating and painting, or tree lopping, sign writing and electrical work.

Centenary Hire’s 10.6m Cherry Picker, a Snorkel MHP13/35, features two main booms with a jib/fly boom that connects to a large operator’s platform. The platform is equipped with a rotation feature which allows the operator to position themselves as close to their work as possible.  This is part of the reason why tree loppers & maintenance workers often choose this model cherry picker.

Equally as popular is the new 10.9m Cherry Picker, a Snorkel MHP13AT.This cherry picker is preferred by sign writers and electricians as it features a telescopic boom which allows the operator to maintain the same height while moving left/right along the working surface.  It too has platform rotation for getting that much closer to the working surface.  This model offers a choice of petrol or battery power source which makes it a great choice for inside work or in environments where keeping noise to a minimum is important.

Check out our full range of elevating work platforms!

At Centenary Hire, we hire new model machinery, a large range of tools as well as scaffold systems and site services such as port-a-loos.   There’s a good chance that we will have just what you need for any job no matter how big or how small.


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