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18mm impact drill

Milwaukee 545S Rotary Hammer

[dropcap]J[/dropcap]ust as we have learnt that “oils ‘aint oils” the same is true for rotary hammer drills.  Don’t waste time with an el-cheapo drill that just isn’t up to the task.  The difference between a no name rotary hammer drill and a true industrial spec, quality branded rotary hammer drill really is chalk and cheese!

Take for example the Milwaukee 545s Rotary Hammer used for drilling and chiselling applications.  With a compact size and low weight of only 6.7Kg, it sure packs a punch delivering massive 14 joules of blow energy when chiselling and 12 joules when impact drilling.  This rotary hammer will get the job done where others will not.

This class of rotary hammer uses a SDS-Max ended point moil, chisel moil or drill bit which has an 18mm diameter shaft.  Compared to a tool which takes a small 10mm SDS-Plus attachment, the extra width equates to greater strength with increased drilling and chiselling performance.

The Milwaukee 545s Rotary Hammer is designed for ease of use, operator and tool safety as well as comfort.  This is achieved by a range of great user features, including a built in anti-vibration system, soft grip front and back handles and a trigger lock switch that is designed to prevent operator fatigue during periods of continuous use.   With a metal gear box for optimum gear seating and an exterior casing of tough polymer, it is of robust construction and can handle tough working environments.

When it comes to safety features, this model is designed to minimise risk of injury to the operator as well as preventing damage to the tool.  It achieves this by automatically stopping or reducing motor power if it is being pushed beyond its performance capabilities and it also has a built-in safety clutch that will protect both user and machine in the event of the tool blocking or jamming.  Other helpful features include a service indicator light that informs the user when the armature brushes are getting worn, a power light to confirm that the electricity is flowing correctly and consistently and a no-Load speed limiter which is designed to protect the motor and reduce wear, even with heavy and frequent use.

Below are a few key specifications and features of the Milwaukee 545s Rotary Hammer which is available for hire from Centenary Hire.


  • Power input: 1300w
  • Drilling Diameter (max) solid bit: 45mm
  • Drilling speed at full load: 300rpm
  • Blow rate at full load: 2840bpm
  • Blow energy chiselling/drilling: 14/12J
  • Tool reception: SDS-Max
  • Weight: 6.7kg


  • Soft hammer function to reduce blow energy
  • Safety clutch
  • Anti-vibration system
  • Heavy duty metal gearbox
  • Soft start engagement for more precise drilling and chiselling
  • Lock-on switch


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