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Lighting and Heating with Centenary Hire

As the cold winter months descend upon us the desire to rug up can be enticing and even thoughts of postponing projects or to stop entertaining at home can creep in.  But come on, it’s Queensland and the Winter days are fantastic!  However if you’re chasing a little more comfort or a bit quicker turn around on drying times for example, then at least Centenary Hire can help in these ways …
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How to Choose the Right Elevating Work Platform

  • elevating work platform association
  • elevating work platform association

Elevating work platforms (EWP), such as slab scissor lifts, cherry pickers or vertical masts can make your job a great deal easier. Whether you need to reach a workspace right up high or a workspace that requires you to go up and over a fixed obstacle, you’ll be able to find a EWP that’s suited to your job at Centenary Hire.  With several to choose from however, selecting the right one for your needs doesn’t need to be a complex process. Read More

Tips From Painting Professionals

When it comes to improving your home, painting and decorating is often one of the things left to DIY. Although it’s nice to have your home painted by a professional, paying for this service can often be costly. Thankfully, with the right equipment, tools, and high quality paints, you can achieve a similar finish to a professional all by yourself at home. We’ve listed some of the best tips from professionals for decorating and painting your home. Read More

How to Prep Your Yard for Summer

Even though Winter 2016 was a relatively mild one, the first signs of summer have caught most of us unprepared. Spring weather in Brisbane has to be about as good as you could possibly wish for. Cool evenings and bright warm days beckon us outside to work, play and relax.

After winter, it’s a good idea to start preparing your yard for the summer by getting the lawn and plants ready with re-laying, aerating and trimming. We’ve listed a few tips for preparing your yard for the warmer weather. Read More

Clean my Concrete?… REALLY?

Whether you are preparing a concrete floor for a wet coating such as paint, sealant or epoxy or a covering material such as carpet, tiling or a timber floor it is equally important to make sure that your concrete surface is prepared properly by cleaning it.  This is even the case for new or perfect looking old concrete floors. For a wet coating especially, having a properly prepared concrete floor is absolutely critical to the success of the coating to achieve maximum adhesion. The result of poor preparation will not only have the finished surface looking bad, it is quite likely that you will need to repeat the entire process again to fix it. Read More

The Importance of Ground Compaction

Proper ground compaction is an absolute necessity for most types of construction projects as the process gives the ground (often the building base) greater stability and a higher level of resistance.  It can also be important to produce a flat base which can be essential for roads, various foundations for construction, areas being prepped for paving and even for the humble garden shed slab. Compaction is simply a process by which the air is removed from the soil particles, usually by applying downward pressure to the soil and this can be achieved with the use of various types of compaction equipment.

Take the Leaning Tower Of Pisa in Italy as an example of what happens without proper ground compaction. Read More

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