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Easter Trading Hours 2021

If you find our gates closed over the next few days don’t worry, we are simply enjoying a break with our families over Easter and hope that you get to do the same.  We will be open for business again on Tuesday 6th April 2021 at 6.30am.

Chipper Mulcher….. and we’re jammed!

The chipper mulcher is one of those hire items that we often find ourselves asking of each other, “do we even bother making this unit available any more?”  The short answer is, “yes”.The slightly longer answer is below but the image should give you a clue as to where this conversation is headed. The Red...
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Refresh your bathroom with these easy updates

If you are ready to do more than simply buy new towels, but you are not quite ready to renovate your whole bathroom, then why not consider planning a bathroom refresh? Making the most of your bathroom does not always require a complete overhaul – just some budget-friendly know-how and a little creativity. If your...
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The 1.7T Compact Excavator – What can it do?

The 1.7 T compact excavator is one of the most popular excavators on the market. Used for a range of tasks such as site preparation for house building, plumbing work, civil engineering, landscaping and demolition work, this excavator is a great all-rounder. Here are some of the things the 1.7 T compact excavators can do:...
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The Kanga Mini Loader – What can it do?

If you are looking for a machine that can move materials such as loose soil, gravel, mulch or similar from one place to another, then the Kanga mini loader is a great choice for you. This amazing machine is an absolute workhorse when it comes to these tasks. However, this is not the only thing...
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Time to Get a Bigger Hammer?

When a task is not going well for you, have you ever been told to “get a bigger hammer”? Usually the sentiment behind the comment is annoying and doesn’t offer much in the way of help towards a solution.  However …. in the case of a wall support attachment for an adjustable prop, a bigger...
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A Guy Enters a Lift with a Ladder …

Bad joke Friday … here goes.  A guy enters a lift with a ladder. The person in the lift looks at him and says, “Don’t get up to anything”. What’s the takeaway? Centenary Hire now has an extension ladder which collapses to a height of 2.15m and extends out to 3.3m. This ladder is great...
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2020 The Year That Was…

2020 was a rollercoaster of a year in all senses of the word. Covid-19 impacted everyone – and still is. Centenary Hire managed to continue as normal last year, with a few small adjustments! Here’s a quick overview of some of the new acquisitions we made, as well as a few items we upgraded to...
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