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Is it better to buy or hire equipment?

Sometimes people make a rushed purchase of expensive equipment when forgetting that there is another option. Hiring equipment has great potential to save you money and has several other advantages too. So, is it better to buy equipment or hire equipment? Here are some of the reasons you should consider hiring equipment instead of purchasing...
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A New Pigeon Pair – Duct Lifters Ready for Hire

Adding to our range and quantity of duct lifters, these little powerhouses stand at only 1.6m in overall height but can lift 295kg up to a height of 4.9m.  Wow, in anyone’s language!  Click this link to the listing in our Equipment Catalogue for further specifications as well as hire rates.

Coming Soon … Very Soon

This little beauty is only 1.6m tall but can lift to a maximum height of 4.9m while supporting up to 295kg.  Currently it’s on the supplier’s showroom floor but from Monday 24th May it will be on our forecourt, ready to hire!

The Best Equipment for Paving Jobs

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you’re new to the process of paving, you might be wondering what kind of tools you’ll need to get the job done. Fortunately, you can do most paving projects with a few basic tools however chances are you won’t have all them in your garage or garden shed. With that said, here are some...
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How to Lay Pavers

If quarantine has left you with time on your hands, and a hankering to create something beautiful and functional, then that outdoor entertainment area or path which has long been on your to-do list is a great place to start. If this is your first-time paving, or if you need a refresher, this article is...
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Easter Trading Hours 2021

If you find our gates closed over the next few days don’t worry, we are simply enjoying a break with our families over Easter and hope that you get to do the same.  We will be open for business again on Tuesday 6th April 2021 at 6.30am.

Chipper Mulcher….. and we’re jammed!

The chipper mulcher is one of those hire items that we often find ourselves asking of each other, “do we even bother making this unit available any more?”  The short answer is, “yes”.The slightly longer answer is below but the image should give you a clue as to where this conversation is headed. The Red...
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