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Christmas & New Year Trading Hours

We like Christmas. We like holidays. We like our families.  For all these reasons, Centenary Hire will be closed for a few days during the Christmas & New Year period.  If you have projects that you want to work on during this time, call our Hire Desk to arrange pick up and return dates.

Get your Home Ready for Christmas with Centenary Hire

Are you preparing for an upcoming event or orchestrating an unforgettable outdoor Christmas celebration? Look no further than Centenary Hire to help with the venue preparation work. Our diverse selection of equipment ensures that your to-do list will get done efficiently and with good results. How to Prepare for an Outdoor Christmas Party As the...
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Another Narrow Access Excavator

As soon as we saw a brochure for the U10-5, Kubota’s redesigned 1T excavator, we knew we wanted one. Here’s why: Zero tail swing, 750mm – 850mm, pilot controls, forward folding ROPS. The zero tail swing makes work in restrictive spaces safer and more efficient.  The narrow width of 750mm is 50mm less than its...
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Advantages of Hiring Construction Tools & Equipment

In the world of construction, home maintenance and DIY, the need for reliable tools and equipment is paramount. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a DIY enthusiast, the advantages of hiring construction tools and equipment are numerous. From ensuring top-notch maintenance to adhering to legislative compliance, the benefits are clear. Let’s delve into the...
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Innovative Brick & Mortar Saw

The Brick & Mortar Saw, also known as an Allsaw AS200X, is a powered hand masonry tool developed by a leading Australian company called Arbortech.  This tool allows for the precise cutting and removal of mortar, bricks and light masonry products for jobs such as installing a GPO in a wall, replacing a lintel and...
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Can We GENERATE Your Interest?

…. with a terrible pun like that, most likely not!  We have new portable generators available for hire and simply wanted to let you know how good they are. Our 4.5KVA and 8.0KVA generators have been purpose built with hire in mind. They have solid roll style frames that provide good protection, a lifting hook...
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This Pump Doesn’t Suck …. Actually It Does!

Here are our updated Fire Fighters Pumps.  The new models from Australian supplier, Aussie Pumps, have an increased litres per minute capacity and pressure rating.  This combination makes the pump a great performer whether you’re sucking water out a dam to use for irrigation, sucking water out a pool to hose down your house which...
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