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Choosing the best lifting equipment for the job

[dropcap]L[/dropcap]ifting heavy objects is not something to be trifle with, it needs serious consideration. While some loads are physically impossible to hoist without the aid of lifting equipment, other things can be lifted but at what cost to your body and your safety? No matter what line of business you are in or how often you undertake DIY projects at home, it is virtually impossible to own every type of lifting or propping equipment you may need for all the jobs you do. Therefore it helps to know about the various types of equipment you can hire as the need arises.

Lifting Equipment for Building and Construction

If you’ve decided to undertake a home renovation project in which you are going to add or replace walls, you may be interested in knowing that you don’t need to struggle with those awkward sheets of plasterboard when fixing them to the ceiling. It is not expensive to hire a panel lifter which leaves your hands free to secure it and your back free from strain.

If you’re installing a split system air conditioner on a project and the condenser unit is being installed off the ground, that’s another job you can’t very well do without a bit of extra lifting assistance. Depending on the height of the installation you could choose between a 5.4m duct lifter or a 3.6m duct lifter.

As these duct lifters also have a lifting capacity of between 180kg – 300kg, they are also very useful for lifting beams into place.  Not only do they support the weight, but they allow you to accurately position the beam while it is secured into place.  Sometimes two duct lifters are used for this task where the beam weight exceeds 300kg or when extra stability and/or positioning ability are required.

Hoists, Jacks and Rams for the Automotive Industry

So, you want to do a little work on that car or truck that needs a bit of TLC? No doubt you won’t have the heavy lifting equipment you’ll need for engine or body work. Again, you can hire the equipment you need for a day, a weekend, a week or longer.

If you’re pulling out an engine for a rebuild or exchange the lifting part doesn’t need to be difficult if you have an engine hoist or even a 1 tonne chain hoist. With the right lifting equipment, any driveway mechanic can lift an engine with relative ease. For shorter spaces between the chassis of the car and the ground, bottle jacks rather than a trolley jack are the sometimes a better solution.

Hydraulic bottle jacks are useful in many applications as they come in various lifting capacities and overall heights. Check out 10 tonne bottle jack, or a 20 tonne bottle jack to see which would meet your needs whether your lifting a car, truck, support beam or even a house for restumping.

We even carry hydraulic rams which can be used on the horizontal plane, vertical plane, diagonal plane … pretty much on any angle you need to use it.  These are great for hard to reach areas and in situations where bottle jacks are not suitable.  For this reason they are available in various height sizes all with a lifting capacity of 12 tonne.

We Have What It Takes to Get the Job Done

Whether you need to lift or hoist, there is equipment to help you get the job done safely ad we can help with the equipment supply. Talk to us today so that we can match the equipment you need with the job you are doing.

If you would like any guidance or have any questions, please do not hesitate to talk with our friendly team at the Hire Desk.

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