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DIY Garage Makeover: Tools that get the Job done like a Pro

Is your garage in need of some of some maintenance or repair? Maybe you have decided to spruce it up a little or are even considering turning that unused garage space into extra living space? Whatever the case, most of these jobs can be done by a DIYer with the right tools to get the job done right. Here is some of what you may need. Read More

Choosing the best lifting equipment for the job

Lifting heavy objects is not something to be trifle with, it needs serious consideration. While some loads are physically impossible to hoist without the aid of lifting equipment, other things can be lifted but at what cost to your body and your safety? No matter what line of business you are in or how often you undertake DIY projects at home, it is virtually impossible to own every type of lifting or propping equipment you may need for all the jobs you do. Therefore it helps to know about the various types of equipment you can hire as the need arises. Read More

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