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It’s what the Tradies & Contractors use…

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]re you among the growing number of DIYers who are just itching to get going on that new project around the house? If so, you may be wondering what tools and equipment you’d need to get the job done. Whether it’s landscaping or laying a new timber floor, specialist equipment is often required.

Browse our extensive online catalogue or even visit our yard for a look see to find what is available to help you get that job done.

To give you a small insight into what we offer, here are some of the most
popular pieces of equipment for hire. It’s what the trades & contractors use.

Popular Landscaping Equipment for Hire

When working on landscaping projects, it’s often difficult to achieve the results you are looking for with home gardening tools. Whether you are undertaking major landscaping project, trenching for new pipework or digging post holes of fences or retaining walls, the work can be manually taxing and leave quite a mess. Here are two pieces of go-to equipment landscapers can’t do without.

Kanga Mini Loader & 3000psi Water Pressure Cleaner

Often called the workhorse of the landscaping trade, the Kanga Mini Loader is used to do anything from digging holes and trenches to moving materials around the site. When you are all finished and need something more powerful than a garden hose for cleaning up, we recommend the 3000 psi Water Pressure Cleaner. This will move mud, dirt & clay with ease and is great for restoring concrete and pavers to a cleaner appearance.

Zero Turn Mower

One of the most time-consuming jobs around the home can be mowing a large lawn. This is especially true if there are trees to navigate, curving garden beds and undulations. Who wants to push a mower up and down hills? A Zero Turn Mower should be a serious consideration for a job like this. It is a dream to ride on, has excellent maneuverability, great ground speed and a 1.1m wide deck to ensure efficient and clean lawn cutting.

Home Renovation and Plumbing ‘Tools of the Trade’

Looking to do a bit of renovation or plumbing work? Here are a few of the most popular pieces of equipment used by contractors.

15kg Makita Jackhammer & 14″ Demolition Saw & Blade

Whether you are a plumbing contractor or a homeowner looking to do work on underground pipes, a 14” Demolition Saw & Blade and a 15kg Makita Jackhammer are the pieces of equipment that you’ll need. This combination of equipment enables you to cut, break up and remove neat sections of concrete.

Hummel Floor Sander

Not much needs to be said about one of the most trusted brand of floor sanders on the market? If you have spent a small fortune on a new flooring surface or are rejuvenating a beautiful old timber floor, a Hummel Floor Sander can give a consistent and smooth finish to any timber floor you are installing or reviving.

5.4m Duct Lifter

Have you ever considered how you would lift something like an air conditioner motor if you wanted it installed off the ground or at the height of second story? If so, the 5.4m Duct Lifter is ideal for the job. Initially designed for lifting lengths of duct into place, they are now used for lifting all manner of items. Even patio builders and carpenters use them to lift heavy beams onto the tops of posts in outdoor construction projects. If lifting to heights is a part of your process, this is one piece of equipment you
can’t do without.

10.9m Cherry Picker

Although the name would imply that the 10.9m Cherry Picker would be found in an orchard, it is widely used by numerous trades and contractors due to the versatility of this machine.  Painters and electricians use it on jobs where they must reach over obstacles at height, tree loppers use if for pushing into the high growing tree limbs and sign writers love it for installation jobs at height.

We Have What You Need

DIYers and contractors alike can always be confident of finding just the right piece of equipment for the job, large or small, at Centenary Hire. Give us a call today to discuss your project and discover what we have which will help you get the job done safely and right the first time.

If you would like any guidance or have any questions, please do not hesitate to talk with our friendly team at the Hire Desk. Copyright Centenary Hire 2019. All Rights Reserved. This article may not be used without consent from the author. See below for more details.

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Centenary Hire is a Tradesmen & Weekend Warrior’s best friend. Our ever-increasing range of hire equipment consists of modern tools, machinery, scaffold, access equipment and site services all of which are aimed at helping you get the job done right – the first time. Our friendly staff can help you to choose the right equipment for your project or you can view & book your equipment online now at www.CentenaryHire.com.au. Drop into our store at Sumner Park or request an equipment delivery as our efficient transport service extends well beyond the limits of Brisbane on a daily basis.

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