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chain hoist

Choosing the best lifting equipment for the job

Lifting heavy objects is not something to be trifle with, it needs serious consideration. While some loads are physically impossible to hoist without the aid of lifting equipment, other things can be lifted but at what cost to your body and your safety? No matter what line of business you are in or how often you undertake DIY projects at home, it is virtually impossible to own every type of lifting or propping equipment you may need for all the jobs you do. Therefore it helps to know about the various types of equipment you can hire as the need arises. Read More

Legislative Compliance – Why hiring is better than buying

Many equipment items which are used on commercial job sites and even at private premises are subject to legally enforceable regulations.  As an individual it is often difficult to be aware of what these regulations are.  Unfortunately for the user and/or owner of the equipment, especially in a commercial environment, ignorance is not considered a defence and fines can apply. Read More

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