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Hedge Trimming

Safety Techniques for Using Powered Yard Equipment

[dropcap]P[/dropcap]owered equipment such as chainsaws, hedge trimmers, and pole saws can be essential for keeping your yard or other outdoor space neat and trimmed back. This type of equipment however, can be dangerous if used incorrectly so it’s important to understand correct and safe usage techniques before you begin.

For all Equipment:

When using a chain saw, hedge trimmer, or pole saw it’s important to ensure that you read and understand the safety & operating instructions supplied with the item.  Using the right protective clothing is also recommended to minimise any damage to yourself in the event of an accident. You should choose clothing that fits snugly and is sturdy, but allows full freedom of movement. Overalls are a good choice. You should also wear safety glasses, boots, and gloves where necessary.

Chain Saw:

Using the right techniques with your chain saw will minimise risk to yourself and property as well as achieving an efficient work process. These can range from simple things like ensuring that the saw is correctly assembled and in good condition before you start, to starting the engine away from where the machine was refuelled and not starting the engine in an enclosed space.  More complex techniques focus on felling, limbing and cutting trees.  Again, these can range from simple things like not starting the chain saw if the chain is in a cut through to cutting a felled tree from the top or bottom side depending on its curvature.  For techniques such as this it is advisable to work with an experienced operator as well as reading the appropriate section in the operator’s manual.

Hedge Trimmer:

When in use, always hold the unit firmly with one hand on both handle grips. Your strongest hand should be on the top/front hand grip as this is where the direction control of the unit is achieved. Be sure that you can see the cutting blades at all times as cutting areas of a hedge that you do not have a clear view of can lead to cutting unknown and potentially dangerous items.

Pole Saw:

After checking that your machine is properly assembled, make sure that you are positioned in a spot where you have good balance and solid footing. You should always hold the pole saw firmly with both hands when using. Further to all previous considerations with a chain saw, as a pole saw allows you to cut limbs at height, you should not allow anybody else to come within a 15m radius of your own position to reduce the risk of injury from falling limbs. You should also maintain this position from other objects such as vehicles or property windows. Take extra care if you are working with slippery or wet conditions, on uneven ground, or on a slope.

Power tools such as these are the best option for keeping your outdoor space looking great. Before you start, fully understanding the safe working techniques are essential. If in doubt, speak to the team on the Hire Desk and refer to the product Operating and Safety Instructions manual.

If you would like any guidance or have any questions, please do not hesitate to talk with our friendly team at the Hire Desk.

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