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Painting at home: a few considerations

[dropcap]G[/dropcap]etting a great result with your home decorating can seem intimidating but with some patience, the correct approach and the right equipment, you can achieve professional looking results. Below are a few suggestions to help you in the process of freshening up or transforming your space without breaking the bank … or your back.

Stripping Wallpaper

Planning your work is the key to success, it costs nothing and is the best time to assess what equipment you may need. Take wallpaper for example. The easy option is to paint over it however this is a short-sighted solution. By using a wallpaper steamer you can remove wallpaper with relative ease and paint the actual wall, not the wallpaper that may peel off in the future.

How high are your ceilings or how tall are you? Using a step ladder only allows you to stand on apart of your feet and can cause undue stress on your ankles and calves. Platform step ladders such as a 1.45m Platform Step Ladder are a new design which allow you to stand flat-footed on the top platform and they have a handrail for added safety. Where the area is large room and a ladder would have to be moved too many times, a Zippy Scaffold is another great option. This is a lightweight scaffold on wheels so it can be moved around with ease and locked when in use. Its platform is a generous 2m long x 750mm wide and can be positioned between four heights ranging from 400mm up to 1150mm.

Painting Ceilings

An Airless Spray unit is a very efficient method of painting and is great for ceilings in new builds or in rooms where there is no furniture as it will produce significant overspray. To reduce overspray a gun extension can added to the unit so that the paint is applied closer to the surface. For very high ceilings you can get a 4.3m PowerLift which is lightweight, suitable of indoor use and will allow you to safety work at heights. Due to its compact design, it will fit through doorways and can also be taken up a staircase, over grass or unsealed/rough terrain.

Sometimes the cooler or damp weather can cause a problem with paint drying times or even paint application. If this is the case room heating equipment such a Space Heater can be used to create a suitable environment for work to continue. If cold is the problem, the workers will probably enjoy the extra warmth too.

Exterior Work

Working on exterior surfaces is not just time-consuming but can also be dangerous if not done with careful consideration. Using some of the platforms from earlier can help reach lower areas, but
when it comes to higher up you will need something like a Snorkel Cherry Picker. With the ability to reach up as well as over you will be able to tackle second storey gutters, a roof apex or even over a low part of a dwelling to get to a set back wall.

Protecting Yourself

Protective equipment isn’t just wearing safety glasses and ear plugs, un-ventilated fumes and airflow should also be a concern when painting … especially with some primers. Getting good air flow when working with oil-based paints is important and a 300mm Extraction Fan can create a suction airflow from inside to outside when the paint fumes are getting too much.
Good luck with your next home project!

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