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Planning a Party? Here are some thoughts

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]re you planning an outdoor party at your home this year? Although you may not need a permit to hold the event on your own property, it never hurts to let the neighbours know of the up and coming event … you know, so they can put their wheelie bins over their driveway to stop people parking across it!  If you are expecting a significant number of guests or are worried about “ring-ins” on the night, pre-registering your party with the Party Safe initiative and using the resources they provide can help to set expectations about the party.  When planning for the atmosphere of the party however, here are some simple ideas which can contribute to the success of your party.

An Eye to Outdoor Comfort

The first thing to consider would be the time of year you are holding your event and the usual weather expected at that time of year. If you are going to plan an event in the winter, although the climate is mild, temperatures can get a bit nippy in the evenings, so you may want to provide some warmth by hiring heaters such as a Patio Heater or a coal Brazier. A glowing source of heat will bring a smile to most people’s faces.

Then there is seating to arrange.  Lack of chairs can become a talking point as can a mis-match of chairs from all over the house.  Centenary Hire has white bistro chairs which are suitable for indoor or outdoor use, they are sturdy and easy to move around.  Combine these with some well-placed tables (which can look great with a covering and some table decorations from your local “cheap shop”) and your food and drink delivery is done.  Now you’re on track to ensuring your guests are comfortable throughout the party.

Accommodating Guests or Protecting Your Home?

Who really wants guests trudging through their home throughout the entire event just to use the loo? What’s more, if you have a significant number of guests perhaps there would be insufficient toilets to accommodate a large group, and you’d end up with the dreaded toilet line.  Trailer mounted toilet  hire over a weekend for example, is a simple solution to avoid this … even if you just make the boys use the outside loo.

If you’re in for the long haul and have guests camped out overnight and staying the next day, you may want to think about giving them an opportunity to freshen up, again without them having to trudge through your house and use up all the hot water.  A portable shower only requires a garden hose as a water source and then the gas hot water system creates the magic of a warm shower.

Keep the Grounds Well Lit

Finally, don’t forget to keep the grounds well-lit for both safety and utility. If you don’t have power in the far reaches of your yard, consider using a generator (silenced) which will keep noise to a minimum for the enjoyment of guests and neighbours alike. You can also hire a LED light tripod which is self-supporting and saves you an awkward climb up a tree to secure a light.

Call our Hire Desk (3715 9700) today to get more information about any of this equipment or for help choosing what you will need. We even run a delivery and collection service in the event that what you require for your party doesn’t fit in your vehicle or trailer or the ute that you intended borrowing from that mate.

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