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Improve your home’s Kerb appeal by giving the exterior a clean

[dropcap]K[/dropcap]erb appeal can seem like one of those mystery things that a home either has or doesn’t have. Perhaps your own home started out with some great kerb appeal, but over the years it seems to have faded and now it’s no longer the house you would take a second-glance at. So how do you get that kerb appeal back? How can you spruce it up and have it looking lovely again? Sometimes all it takes is a thorough clean.

Here we’ll take a look at various commercial grade cleaning equipment that you can hire that will give the exterior of your property the thorough clean it needs.

Refresh Pathways and Your Driveway

A great place to start is with any pathways you may have and the driveway. The driveway especially, is such a large surface area on display at the front of your property, it’s amazing the impact a clean driveway can give the overall appearance. Both of these concrete or paved areas can harbour dust, dirt, grime and even algae and the best equipment for cleaning pathways and your driveway will be a water pressure cleaner.

For large areas, a petrol-powered water pressure cleaner is often the best choice as it can deliver greater pressure which means that you can move faster over the area to be cleaned making the job go quicker.  It will be important to know how to adjust the pressure strength so that you can customise it to the surface you are cleaning if needed. It’s also worth considering an attachment like a rotary surface cleaner as this will allow you to clean a greater surface area in one pass and produce a consistent finish as well. Look for a 3,000 PSI or 4,000 PSI pressure washer in order to knock over jobs like this with efficiency.

For large flat areas such as tennis courts, check out the all-in-one dual pressure washer instead. This has a built-in rotary surface cleaner and is designed as a walk behind unit.

A General All Over Clean

Perhaps there are other areas of your outdoors that you don’t want to use a water pressure cleaner in favour of sweeping. If you find that your standard broom isn’t giving the results that you had hoped for then a floor scrubber machine could be ideal … because getting on your hands and knees with a scrubbing brush isn’t anyone’s idea of fun!

Give the Walls a Clean

Don’t forget the exterior walls. Once again dust, dirt, grime, and even algae can start to build on the exterior walls of your home. You can also have issues such as flaking paint. Rather than tackle this job with a standard hose that may not have the necessary power, an electric 1500 PSI water pressure cleaner will do much better at giving a deep clean.  Again for greater efficiency, add a 300mm rotary surface cleaner attachment which can be used on vertical surfaces and is able to clean a larger surface areas in a single pass with a consistent finish.

If you have high walls or are attempting to clean exterior of the gutters, there’s a good chance you are going to need to stand on something to reach.  Milk crates, chairs and even traditional step ladders carry a high level of risk for a person loosing their balance or falling off them. Why not put your safety first and have a look at something like a 1.45m Platform Step Ladder to safely reach those areas. These ladders have a top platform large enough for both feet to be flat and side by side as well as being partially enclosed with a handrail.

By completing some or all these steps, you’ll be well on the way to getting that kerb appeal back and having your home looking fresh again.

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