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Grass Greener on the Other Side? Here are some Lawn Improvement Tips

People’s thoughts about lawns can be a funny thing… which one are you?

“As long as my front lawn looks good, it doesn’t matter if the back lawn is a dust bowl.”
“The neighbour mowed their lawn, now I have to mow our lawn.”
“If I keep my lawn looking good, it will distract people’s attention from the appearance of the house.”
“I love my lawn so much I want a photo with the mower on my wedding day!”
“Stupid lawn! How much does concrete cost?”

Regardless of which one, in this quick guide, we’re going to suggest how to make the most of your existing lawn, and how to keep the grass greener on your side of the fence … front yard, back yard or both!

The Most Important Tip of All: Aerate Your Lawn

Soil can become compacted over time by anything from parking vehicles on it to simply doing life on it with family & friends. Compaction hampers water penetration and the grass roots don’t get the water they need to promote growth and to produce strong, thick grass blades. By using a Lawn Aerator, you can achieve two things. First it removes cores of lawn which allows the remaining earth to loosen & break down. It also creates dozens upon dozens of holes just waiting to accept water and creating a reserve of water for your grass’ roots to use all day long.

Good Mowing is Good Maintenance

Mowing a lawn will promote new grass growth. The best theory is to never cut more than 1/3 of the grass blade length as more than this can have an adverse effect. That is why regular mowing is an important part of lawn maintenance. A good Lawn Mower with sharp blades is an essential tool for taking care of your lawn. If you have a lot of ground to cover, consider using a Zero Turn Lawn Mower that you can ride while you mow.

Look After Your Edging, for Aesthetics and Growth Control

Keeping control of the edges of your lawn is not just important for your lawn’s aesthetics, but also for keeping your grass in your lawn area and not running away into your garden. A Line Trimmer is the best tool for this job, making an otherwise long job with a shovel or an arduous task with push edger quick and easy. It’s always best to do the edges first so that the mower can pick up any of the mess made by process.

What is Stealing Water from Your Grass?

The shade from a tree and appearance of a tree are both nice however some lawn types don’t grow well in shade. Also, the roots of a tree will compete for water with your lawn. If you decide that the tree is coming out, as you lop off the branches they can go through a Chipper/Mulcher/Shredder which in turn will produce wood chip and mulch to be used on your garden for water retention. For the stump that is all that is left of the tree, a Stump Grinder will tackle it with ease and efficiency.

Lawn, what Lawn? – Maybe Start Afresh

If you have recently moved into a home with a neglected lawn, or you are guilty of letting your own lawn deteriorate, then it may be best to start fresh. By using equipment like a Turf Cutter or a
Rotary Hoe, you can remove the remnants of an old lawn and/or prepare the soil for a new lawn. Will you go really old school and use grass seed, old school and lay strips of lawn which will or go all in and lay an instant lawn?

Homes with a good (not perfect) lawns add so much value to the appearance of the house and to the experiences you can have with friends and family in a useable, social area. With the right tools,
you can completely replace a tired lawn with new grass, or maintain your existing lawn to get the lush, green grass you want.


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