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Moving house? Make the Move a whole lot simpler by using trolleys

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]re you getting ready to move house and the reality of the situation, along with all the hard labour that goes with it, is starting to sink in? Moving house is time-consuming and often back-breaking work and the last thing you want to do is rush the process and run the risk of damaging or breaking your possessions in the process. This is exactly why so many people make use of trolleys. Unsure of what trolleys would make the most sense for your move? Here’s a look at some of the most common options out there.

Cargo Trolley Long Handle

When it comes to the most universal trolley to use, the long handle cargo trolley model would be top of the list. This is the trolley most people tend to be familiar with. It is very easy to use, you can stack a number of boxes on it, get it under a washing machine, clothes dryer, chest of drawers or bookcase for example and simply pull it from point A to point B with less effort than carrying the load.

Cargo Trolley Short Handle

The long handle version is good for tall or very heavy loads due it’s leverage capability, but can be cumbersome in smaller areas.  For this purpose there is also a short handle cargo trolley which is extremely easy to manoeuvre and with wide inflated tyres it is even suitable for surfaces like grass or rocky paths.

Electric Stair Climbing Trolley

One factor that can really mess with your moving plans is dealing with stairs that you need to carry things up and down on. The electric stair climbing trolley is an ingenious tool. It makes use of a small electric motor that can move the load from the ground and up a couple of stairs at a time.  The wheels are then brought up to the same point and this process is repeated either up or down a staircase until the entire length has been travelled. Slow & steady wins the race and saves you a lot of effort too.

Stair Climbing Trolley

Here’s another option that will help make stairs quicker, easier, and safer. The stair climbing trolley is sometimes called the three-wheeled trolley thanks to its design. You can pull this one up the stairs and is perfect for light and short items. Be sure to use the cargo strap to keep items secured to the trolley.  Here’s tip for using a stair climbing trolley.  When moving around corners, keep the trolley upright and pivot on the small castors in the middle of the trolley.  This lets you turn on the spot.

Piano Trolley

When it comes to items that are extremely hard to move, a piano is top of the list. It is heavy, cumbersome and often holds financial and/or sentimental value so you don’t want to risk damaging it. A piano trolley is able to help with moving such a large and heavy item and has a max capacity of 600kg.

Pallet Trolley

Maybe it’s a bunch of pallets you need to move, which are awkward and heavy. The pallet trolley can make quick work of this job, as it is a hand cart that can move pallets around with ease. Keep in mind this one works on hard surfaces only.

Equipment Trailer

Here’s a trolley (not really … that’s a stretch) that may come in handy for moving equipment out of your garage or large items from your house. An equipment trailer can handle those heavier loads with a maximum carrying capacity of 420kg. There are several tie-down points to help you ensure that your items will be kept secure. Keep in mind the maximum recommended towing speed is 80km/hr.

Box Trailer (caged)

Another great option for large items, or even for throwing waste in so you can take it to the dump, is the box trailer (caged). This one provides you with a whole lot of space and can be hitched then towed by your vehicle. The maximum carrying capacity is 420kg and there is a maximum towing speed of 80km/hr to ensure safety.

Each of these trolleys can make short work of moving house.

Call our Hire Desk (3715 9700) today to get more information about any of this equipment or for help choosing what you will need.

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