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Grass Greener on the Other Side? Here are some Lawn Improvement Tips

  • Groomsmen + Lawn Mower
  • Groomsmen + Lawn Mower

People’s thoughts about lawns can be a funny thing… which one are you?

“As long as my front lawn looks good, it doesn’t matter if the back lawn is a dust bowl.”
“The neighbour mowed their lawn, now I have to mow our lawn.”
“If I keep my lawn looking good, it will distract people’s attention from the appearance of the house.”
“I love my lawn so much I want a photo with the mower on my wedding day!”
“Stupid lawn! How much does concrete cost?”

Regardless of which one, in this quick guide, we’re going to suggest how to make the most of your existing lawn, and how to keep the grass greener on your side of the fence … front yard, back yard or both! Read More

Lawn Care – To Cut Your Lawn Short or Long?

  • Lawn Care Advuce

At this time of year, keeping the lawn looking good can seem like a relentless task as the grass seemingly grows before your eyes! Despite there being some great equipment to help make lawn care less of a pain, such as a super comfortable zero turn mower which you can hire from Centenary Hire, by this point in the summer the regular mowing may have become a little tedious. Therefore, to minimise your lawn care while keeping your lawn neat, should you cut your lawn to a short height or long height?
Read More

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