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Kanga Mini Loader PW628


[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hether you’re a weekend warrior or a tradie in need of a mini loader that has grunt yet is still easy to use, the 6 Series Kanga Skid Steer Loader (Mini Loader) we have at Centenary Hire is the perfect fit for the job. In order to understand why we continue to be so pleased to have this little beauty in our inventory, take a look at some of the key features and you’ll be just as enthusiastic as we are.

Huge Ground Clearance & Big Tyres

When it comes time to hire a mini loader, you’ll be happy to know that the Kanga Mini Loader is on 23 inch tyres as this provides a massive ground clearance of 185mm even when the loading arms are fully lowered.  It also means that when driving the bucket into a mound to fill it, the larger tyres allow for more forward power and will not bog down as easily as smaller tyres.  The four hydraulic independent wheel motors contribute to the Kanga’s impressive power and the larger tyres also mean faster ground speed while travelling. When time is money, this is but one advantage you get from hiring a 6 Series Kanga Mini Loader.

Ergonomic Soft Touch Controls

When operating machinery controls all day, it can really take its toll on your hands especially if they are a poor design. We at Centenary Hire however, are impressed by the ergonomic positioning of Kanga’s soft touch controls that are known to be the easiest on your hands of any control system of its type on the market.

Key ergonomic features include:

  • Raised controls for easy reach creating less stress on forearms and hands.
  • Highly responsive control levers for ultimate safety and steering control.
  • Controls that are ‘two-handed’ allow for maximum and speedy proficiency.
  • Proportionate hydraulic controls that allow the user to operate at slower speeds until they become competent and efficient with attachments.

Impressive Features

The focus that the Kanga mini loader design has placed on safety is commendable.  From something as small as lowering the centre of gravity with the placement of the dual fuel tanks to increase machine stability through to a key safety feature such as an automatic stop on attachment function when the operator is not at the controls.

Travelling with the loading arms in the lowest position is an important safety rule. Thanks to the smart design of the Kanga it is possible to travel with a full bucket and arms in the lowest position all while maintaining the maximum ground clearance of 185mm.

One safety feature that always makes us smile at Centenary Hire is the self-levelling bucket.  Imagine if you loaded the bucket with dirt and as you raised the loader arms the angle of the bucket did not charge.  If you kept raising the arms, the bucket would empty its contents all over the operator.  Hello YouTube!  This won’t happen with a Kanga thanks to the self-levelling bucket that keeps its original angle at all times during the raising and lowering of the loader arms.

When considering the hire a mini loader for any construction project, Centenary Hire recommends the Kanga 6 Series Skid Steer Loader as just the piece of equipment you need. For more information or to book a hire, contact us on 07 3715 9700 or pre-book your equipment online via our website. It is our mission to help you get your job done the most efficient way with the best equipment on the market and that’s just what you’ll find here at Centenary Hire.

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