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Planning a Party? Here are some thoughts

Are you planning an outdoor party at your home this year? Although you may not need a permit to hold the event on your own property, it never hurts to let the neighbours know of the up and coming event … you know, so they can put their wheelie bins over their driveway to stop people parking across it!  If you are expecting a significant number of guests or are worried about “ring-ins” on the night, pre-registering your party with the Party Safe initiative and using the resources they provide can help to set expectations about the party.  When planning for the atmosphere of the party however, here are some simple ideas which can contribute to the success of your party. Read More

Legislative Compliance – Why hiring is better than buying

Many equipment items which are used on commercial job sites and even at private premises are subject to legally enforceable regulations.  As an individual it is often difficult to be aware of what these regulations are.  Unfortunately for the user and/or owner of the equipment, especially in a commercial environment, ignorance is not considered a defence and fines can apply. Read More

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