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Lawn Care – To Cut Your Lawn Short or Long?

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]t this time of year, keeping the lawn looking good can seem like a relentless task as the grass seemingly grows before your eyes! Despite there being some great equipment to help make lawn care less of a pain, such as a super comfortable zero turn mower which you can hire from Centenary Hire, by this point in the summer the regular mowing may have become a little tedious. Therefore, to minimise your lawn care while keeping your lawn neat, should you cut your lawn to a short height or long height?

Lawn Care Hint 1: Big Cuts Weaken the Grass
For your grass to look uniform, vibrant and healthy you should never cut off more than a third of the height at a time. By taking off more than a third of the height, it may cause the grass to go into a state of ‘shock’, where it will grow as fast as it can upwards in a bid to survive. In doing this it takes energy away from the roots which means less healthy grass. The end result is that your grass is growing faster, you’re mowing more often and the grass roots are stressed and suffering. What to do? If you have very overgrown grass you may need to break the 1/3rd rule as a one off, and use something more suitable than a mower for tackling this kind of lawn like a brush cutter or trimmer mower. As general lawn care maintenance goes however, always set your lawn mower to take off less than a third of the existing grass height.

Lawn Care Hint 2: Is Short or Long Best?
So the long and the short of it, excuse the pun, your grass can be healthy at a short length or a long length as long as you adhere to the 1/3rd rule. If you prefer the short look, your lawn care routine will be more involved, as you will have to cut your lawn very regularly – golf courses use short grass lengths and these are mowed nearly every day. This is to avoid weakening it by cutting it too much in one go. If you want to spend less time on lawn care, the answer is to go with a longer lawn length as the longer the grass, the more you can crop off without it being a third, so the longer you can let it grow.

Want to Reduce Your Hire Costs?
If you are looking for an economical way to tackle your lawn care needs, consider a lawn keeper combo package which will give you the lawn mower and line trimmer – commonly referred to as a Whipper Snipper as it is much more fun to call it – together at a discounted hire cost.

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