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Tips to make your paling fence job easier

[dropcap]N[/dropcap]o matter what type of fence you are going to install, the task may seem insurmountable if you’ve never had to build a fence of any type. If you are looking to embark on a DIY fencing project, what you need to remember is that it is much simpler if you have your fencing equipment lined up and at hand once you are ready to begin your project. So, for those of you who have never worked with fencing equipment before, here are a few tips to make your fencing job easier.

Paling Fence Tip Number 1: Marking Out and Digging Holes
By this point you’ve chosen the type of fencing materials you would like to use and have measured out the length of each section. Once you have determined the spacing between the palings, it’s time to begin preparing the ground for setting the posts. If there are not too many holes to dig then here are a couple of options which will always come into play, even if you end up using some larger equipment.

  •  Two Handle Shovel – This is also called a post hole shovel. It is most often used for a short span of fence requiring few holes to be dug and when the soil is reasonably soft. It has a metal jaw that works in a scissor action. It allows a section of dirt to first be cut and then removed from the hole in one process.
  • 15kg Makita Jackhammer – If the ground is quite hard or you encounter many rocks just under the surface make use of equipment such as this. This is the tool of choice for many landscaping contractors when working on this type of project and is used in combination with a shovel.

To make your job much, much easier it’s time to talk about powered equipment for digging those holes. Here are some of the items you may want to have on hand to take the back-breaking labour out of digging.

  • Petrol Post Hole Digger (1 person) – As the name implies, this is a power tool which is easier to use than a manual post hole digger and is often well suited for fences that are short to medium in length.
  • Petrol Post Hole Digger (2 person) – If help is needed based on factors such as hard ground, many holes to dig or large diameter holes, you may want to enlist the help of another person and use this machine.
  • Hydraulic Post Hole Digger – As a hydraulic piece of equipment, this post hole digger is ideally suited for breaking hard ground, large diameter holes or for digging many … many holes. The hydraulic post hole digger is a one person operation and can be driven between holes. So if you don’t have help, this would be your power tool of choice.

Paling Fence Tip Number 2: The Best Way to Ensure Stability
Many times people simply dig the appropriate size hole, drop the post in and then pack soil around it to keep it in place. There are better ways to ensure the strength and stability of a post that, especially if you intend for it to be in place for a long time. The best way to build a fence that is strong and durable is to set the posts in concrete. Once the holes have been dug and prepared, an electric cement mixer will make the task of mixing cement and concrete blend much easier than mixing in a wheel barrow for example. Making concrete to fill the holes around the posts is not a difficult task and one you should consider right from the start.

Paling Fence Tip Number 3: Attach Palings Lightning Fast
Before installing the fence rails and palings or fence panels, exercise a little patience and wait until the posts are firmly set into concrete. Once you have installed your rails and are ready to attach your palings, a coil nail gun unit will speed this process up so much quicker than using a hammer.


So there you go.  With ample preparation, the proper tools and a few well-placed fencing equipment tips such as these, you will find that it is easier to build a fence than you imagined and at much less the cost of hiring a professional.

Happy DIYing!

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