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Pruning Equipment Tips for a Tidy Yard

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he weather we have had in Brisbane so far this summer seems to have spurred all of our greenery into growth overdrive. While that may be a good thing if you are raising new trees and shrubs, for a lot of us it has meant our hedges and trees growing somewhat out of control! If you want to get your yard back in order, a day spent with some of this pruning equipment can restore order to your trees and hedges without too much labouring away in the hot summer sun!

When it comes to trimming back overgrown hedges to keep them looking neat or removing unwanted tree branches, using the right kind of pruning equipment can play an important role.  Who really wants to spend hours trimming new growth with secateurs or balancing on a ladder with a pruning saw when it could be a much easier and safer job.  Yes, quality garden power tools can be expensive to buy but fortunately, you can hire the pruning equipment you need at much more affordable prices. In Brisbane, Centenary Hire have a wide range of powered pruning equipment for hire.

Pruning Equipment Tips: Trees
Overgrown branches can not only block out natural light to your home, they can hamper growth in your garden and they can also become a danger during the Brisbane storm season. If you need to do some light pruning of higher branches to thin the tree out and keep it in the best health, then a pole saw is the tool to use. These come in a petrol model at a fixed length of 1.8m with the option of 1m extension. The name is as it sounds– it is a chainsaw attached to a pole that lets you trim those high branches without needing to scale a ladder. For cutting thicker branches or even to remove small tress altogether, an electric chainsaw is the best tool for the job.

Pruning Equipment Tips: Hedges
Trimming back overgrown hedges into a neat, uniform look is easy with a good hedge trimmer. This can allow you to quickly flatten off the top of the hedgerow, and trim back the front or even begin the process of shaping them. For harder to reach areas such as the back of a hedge or the top of a tall hedge, you can use a pole hedge trimmer.  This tool uses the same cutting action but it is mounted on an pole with a fixed length of 1.8m, again with the option of a 1m extension.  The cutting blades can also be changed between a horizontal and vertical position to suit the part of the hedge being cut. Using this powered pruning equipment dramatically decreases the time it takes to get a great look for your hedges as well as increasing your safety by keeping you off a ladder for those out of arms reach areas.

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