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Kanga mini loader

Load ‘Em Up! Time to Hire a Kanga?

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Kanga mini loader may be compact in size, but it sure is big on power. As a leading and most trusted Australian brand of mini loader, the Kanga can the perfect machine for DIY projects, contractor activities or small commercial projects.

The Many Uses of a Kanga Mini Loader

They are easy to operate, extremely versatile, efficient, and come with some great safety features. 

Worth every penny just with a standard bucket attachment, the Kanga gets even better with several other attachments available for hire that give you an extra hand in getting your construction project done right and with less effort. 

Here are some of the other great things to do with a Kanga mini loader.  

Boring Holes

Kanga has made it easier than ever to look out at your property and say, “good fences make good neighbours”. The Kanga Mini Loader makes boring holes both time and energy efficient with a powerful attachment called a Power Head. This attachment can drive an auger size from 150mm – 450mm in diameter into even the most tough soil conditions. Auger Extensions are also available for deeper holes. 

Driving between holes with the ability to work unassisted, the power head attachment is great for digging post holes for fences or retaining walls as well as planting trees. 


If you are moving materials around or away from a property and a wheel barrow or trolley is just too small we recommend the Kanga PW628 with the Caryall leveller attachment as it does exactly what it says.  It is capable of carrying heavier loads and with a self-levelling feature it can carry an array of objects. 

Levelling out an area of loose soil or smoothing over an area is a common need in on building site and on some home renovation projects too.  The same attachment is used for this function too. No frills, no fuss – just a great levelling bar.

Breaking Up Ground

There are a couple of great attachments on the Kanga Mini Loader for when you need to break up ground for demolition or as preparation in building, paving, and landscaping. They have ripper attachments that come in two or three hooks which are used as standalone attachments which are great for breaking the surface of the ground.

After this you can use a combination of the four in one bucket features to work with the loosened soil.  It is also good for grabbing and lifting small sections of slab or rocks which are too heavy to move by hand or wheel barrow.


If you’re working in the backyard or on another landscaping project, Kanga has made some great attachments for working with earth. The trencher attachment works in nearly all soil types including rocky soils to make cut perfectly neat trenches. It will cut a trench 150mm wide and up to 900mm deep which is sufficient for both storm water and sewage pipes as well as electrical conduit. 

If you’ve never used the versatile Kanga mini loader, we’re here to help! 07 3715 9700 or send an enquiry from our online form or browser our online equipment catalogue.

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