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  • Kanga Mini Loader PW628

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a tradie in need of a mini loader that has grunt yet is still easy to use, the 6 Series Kanga Skid Steer Loader (Mini Loader) we have at Centenary Hire is the perfect fit for the job. In order to understand why we continue to be so pleased to have this little beauty in our inventory, take a look at some of the key features and you’ll be just as enthusiastic as we are.

Huge Ground Clearance & Big Tyres

When it comes time to hire a mini loader, you’ll be happy to know that the Kanga Mini Loader is on 23 inch tyres as this provides a massive ground clearance of 185mm even when the loading arms are fully lowered.  It also means that when driving the bucket into a mound to fill it, the larger tyres allow for more forward power and will not bog down as easily as smaller tyres.  The four hydraulic independent wheel motors contribute to the Kanga’s impressive power and the larger tyres also mean faster ground speed while travelling. When time is money, this is but one advantage you get from hiring a 6 Series Kanga Mini Loader. Read More

Load ‘Em Up! Time to Hire a Kanga?

  • Kanga mini loader
  • Kanga mini loader
  • Kanga mini loader
  • Kanga mini loader
  • Kanga mini loader
  • Kanga mini loader

The Kanga mini loader may be compact in size, but it sure is big on power. As a leading and most trusted Australian brand of mini loader, the Kanga can the perfect machine for DIY projects, contractor activities or small commercial projects.

The Many Uses of a Kanga Mini Loader

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