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The Best Equipment for Paving Jobs

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you’re new to the process of paving, you might be wondering what kind of tools you’ll need to get the job done. Fortunately, you can do most paving projects with a few basic tools however chances are you won’t have all them in your garage or garden shed. With that said, here are some equipment items which should be considered get the job done properly.

1. Laser Level

A rotating laser level will ensure that the foundation you are working off has the fall in the correct direction as well as a consistent fall.  The fall (or slope) on a paving job is very important as it will help to control the direction of water run off during rainfall. These digital devices contain self-levelling features for easy set up as well as audible and visual displays for checking levels during use both of which make operation simple and intuitive. Laser levels are a must-have tool for excavating and grading an area before commencing paving work.

2. Vibrating Plate Compactor

Vibrating plate compactors perform the function of compacting materials such as crusher dust into a firm base.  This is achieved using a combination of machine weight and strong vibrations distributed evenly across the bottom plate. These come in varying weights dependent on your task, with some of the most popular being the 60kg plate compactor, 80kg plate compactor, and 140kg plate compactor. Whether you are paving a footpath, entertaining area, parking bay or driveway these can be used for base preparation as well as a final compaction one pavers have been laid.

3. Screeds & Screed Rail Sets

A screed is a straight metal bar with a top handle that’s used to level out building materials over a large area. In the case of paving it is used for the base material but more importantly for the bedding sand on which the pavers are laid.  They come in different sizes ranging from 2.4m to 4.2m in length. Screeds are often used in combination with a screed rail set.  A screed rail set is two metal rails, set on opposite side of the paving area, which are positioned in the bedding sand at the right depth and right fall.  This allows for the screed to be pulled along the rails as a guide, keeping the spread of bedding sand consistent.

4. Upright Rammer

An upright rammer is an aggressive ramming device sometimes called a wacker packer or jumping jack that’s used to compact soil, sand and clay in narrow excavations such as trenches and footings.  While they are not generally used for paving jobs, often they will be used on an associated job where water pipes have been laid or foundations for a wall have been dug.

5. Lawn Roller

As the self-explanatory name implies, a lawn roller is a water filled barrel used to roll across sections of newly laid lawn to press it down into the soil bed below. Using a roller only half filled is also useful for levelling out the soil bed before the grass is laid.  What’s the sense in completing a great paving project if it doesn’t marry into something that will compliment it such as some new lawn.


Don’t Do the Job Without the Right Tools

Once a paving job is complete, time will tell whether you have completed the compaction parts of the process properly … sometimes a lot sooner than you had anticipated. Unless you’re prepared to pull up all the paving to repair and redo the poorly compacted area/s, it’s best to use the right tools to lay the paving properly the first time. Just saying!

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