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The Best Equipment for Paving Jobs

If you’re new to the process of paving, you might be wondering what kind of tools you’ll need to get the job done. Fortunately, you can do most paving projects with a few basic tools however chances are you won’t have all them in your garage or garden shed. With that said, here are some equipment items which should be considered get the job done properly. Read More

Good things come in threes! Upgraded Equipment Just Arrived.

  • Upgraded equipemnt

Even our old faithfuls are replaced from time to time with upgraded equipment.

How long has it been since you saw a shiny 3 Cubic Foot Cement Mixer? While the paintwork may not look the same after a few hires, the never flat tyres will be a favourite with our workshop as they won’t need to be fixing flat tyres and replacing inner tubes.

How could we resist buying new wheel barrows when they also came with never flat tyres, metal handles (no splinters!) and are yellow which is a perfect colour for our company logo.

Finally, our new lawn rollers carry a 60L capacity which is a good weight for new lawns and with a small reduction in overall size from our previous rollers, they fit easily into nearly all passenger cars.

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