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Is it better to buy or hire equipment?

Sometimes people make a rushed purchase of expensive equipment when forgetting that there is another option. Hiring equipment has great potential to save you money and has several other advantages too. So, is it better to buy equipment or hire equipment? Here are some of the reasons you should consider hiring equipment instead of purchasing it.

Think About Maintenance

Maintaining equipment can be more difficult than expected. Especially if the idea of maintaining your equipment after each use is not your joy, then hiring it might be a great option for you. It’s also important to realise that petrol-powered equipment such as a 14” Concrete Saw, a Petrol Chainsaw, or a Hedge Trimmer requires a competent approach to maintenance. Not maintaining these items properly could lead to frustration with starting issues, running rough, being under-powered and even engine seizure.

Consider Test Driving Equipment

Before committing to purchasing any expensive equipment, why not consider test driving it first? The classic try before you buy. For example, instead of purchasing an 8 KVA Generator for your project, consider trying one out to make sure it is suitable for the job. You can always purchase one in the future.

What About Storage and Transportation?

Although many items of equipment are inexpensive to buy, if the equipment is heavy or large, you will need to think about whether you have the right storage for it and whether you will be able to transport it. For example, a Aluminium Trestle may be cheap to purchase but they are large and can be difficult to transport. Another example is Temporary Site Fencing, which has a couple of components and can take up a lot of storage space.

Will You Use It Regularly?

Before purchasing any equipment, it is important to think about the frequency with which it will be used.  What will be its anticipated cost per use? If you will use it regularly then it might be cost-effective to purchase the equipment. However, if you are unlikely to use it regularly then hiring is a better option. For example, there is no point in purchasing a $50,000.00 Cherry Picker if you only plan on using it a couple of times.

The Quality of Equipment is Important

When purchasing equipment, we often choose affordable items, instead of choosing items that are of high quality … because we aren’t going to use them that often. Unfortunately, with construction equipment this can often make the job you are completing harder to do. Instead of purchasing low-quality equipment, hire equipment such as a purpose built Rotary Hammer Drill.  The difference in performance really is chalk and cheese.  Check out an example on our Instagram feed.

That’s also why we use trusted brands such as Stihl, Milwaukee and Makita.

Ask for Advice from the Experts

When you hire equipment from us, you can ask for our advice. We will be able to advise you on things like which piece of equipment is best for the task you are completing and we can also show you how to use the equipment you are hiring.

Although many people choose to purchase equipment for a job, hiring equipment is often a much better option. Not only will you be certain that the equipment has been maintained correctly, but it can also save you money too. Make sure you consider all the points above before purchasing equipment in the future.


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