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What type of scaffold do you mean?

[dropcap]A[/dropcap] seemingly simple statement of, ‘I need a scaffold’ is inevitably met with the response, ‘What type of scaffold?’ as there are a surprisingly large range of scaffolding types which can be used for not only construction but for other purposes as well.

No matter what type of application, the general principle of a scaffold is to provide a steady and safe platform for workers and materials whilst the work takes place. To achieve this there are different types of scaffolding for a range of uses, including bricklaying, cleaning, painting, and general repairs.

H Frame Scaffold

H Frame Scaffolding is a type of scaffold that is designed for heavy duty loads up to 675kg. Because of this, it is a common type of scaffolding being used in construction work such as bricklaying. H Frame scaffold can be set up on uneven ground when used with adjustment screw feet, scaffold sections are stacked on top of each other in heights of either 0.9m, 1.2m or 1.5m in order to raise the working platform. A handrail system is also part of this scaffold system.

Bricklayer’s Trestles and Bricklayer’s Stools

Bricklayer’s Trestles have a medium duty load limit of 450kg. Used most commonly for bricklaying and rendering, bricklayer’s trestles can only be used on level ground as the height adjustment of the support bar must be raised in equal increments. They do however have a range of different fixed platform heights. Planks are rested on top of the support bar between each trestle in order to walk from one to the next.

Bricklayer’s Stools are also only suitable for use on level surfaces, however they have one fixed platform height.

Mobile Aluminium Scaffold

Mobile aluminium scaffold is a type of light duty scaffold that is used for loads up to 225kg. This scaffold is ideal for jobs such as painting, cleaning, general repairs and cladding. Mobile aluminium scaffold is often chosen for tasks where multiple areas require work because it can be easily moved on wheels while in tower formation.

Aluminium towers can be built on uneven ground if necessary as they have adjustment in their wheels or base supports.  With a fixed length of 2.4m, a tower which is 1.3m (2 platforms) wide can be built to a height of 9m with the aid of outriggers for stability support.  A tower which is 0.65m (1 platform) wide can be built to a height of 6m with the aid of outriggers for stability support.

Aluminium Painter’s Trestles

Aluminium painter’s trestles are used for light duty jobs such as painting, cleaning or general repairs and are suitable for loads of 225kg. The trestles can be used on slightly uneven ground in conjunction with up to three trestle leg levellers. The are available in heights of 1.8m, 2.4m, 3.0m, 3.6m, 4.2m & 4.8m with each trestle being fitted with multiple rungs that can be used to achieve lower platform heights.

The use of all scaffold, regardless of type, domestic use or commercial use, is subject to falls from height regulations as well as the scaffold code. In short the falls from height regulations require a risk assessment to be carried out by both the person working with the scaffold as well as the person responsible for the scaffold.  The scaffold code requires a competent person to assemble, alter or dismantle scaffolds to a height of 4m.  Scaffold over 4m must only be assembled, altered or dismantled by a licenced scaffolder.


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