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Useful Narrow Access Equipment for Domestic & Commercial Works

[dropcap]W[/dropcap] hether landscaping a back yard, renovating a home or working on a commercial building site sometimes you don’t have as much space to access the property as you’d like. Many large equipment items used for building works such as digging, transporting or lifting are wider than gap between the building and the boundary fence or neighbouring property.

This is when knowing what equipment options are available will potentially save you significant labour hours, undue physical strain and improve work efficiency. Here are some examples of the types of equipment suitable where narrow access is causing problems.

Excavation Works

At a domestic residence there might be ample room at the rear of the property where landscaping works are to take place but it may be surrounded by other properties making side access the only option to get materials & equipment in and out. At only 700mm wide, a 1 tonne compact excavator presents itself as a great option. Although small compared to other excavators, it will still allow the operator to adequately trench, dig or shape embankments and a specialized license to get behind the controls is not required.

At only 850mm wide you may squeeze in an excavator’s best friend as well. A hi-tip dumper, also a tracked machine, carries a large bucket capable of an 800kg load. So whether you are taking soil and other material out of the property or taking in new materials, using this dumper sure beats dozens
of loads with a wheel barrow.

Moving Soil & Materials without a Dumper

Another way to transport soil and rubble or similar material is by using conveyor. Portable conveyors fit into very narrow spaces because they’re only 640mm wide and can also handle significant elevation meaning that they can be successfully used on terraced properties as well. It also means
they be set up to dump straight into a skip bin, vehicle or behind a retaining wall. They come in different lengths, up to 5.4m long as many as four conveyers can be daisy-chained together to cover a larger distance.

Commercial Building Sites

Even on commercial building sites, sometimes it’s equally difficult to get ample access. For sealed and level surfaces a scissor lift that is only 760mm wide with a platform height of 5.8m can be a convenient solution to that problem. Designed to fit through doorways, it is suitable for use indoors or outdoors and thanks to a tight turning radius too, it can be manoeuvred around obstacles and into restrictive areas.

During construction, outdoor areas are not always sealed during the first phases of the project and for this reason are often not level either. The Snorkel narrow access Rough Terrain Scissor Lift is a great candidate for this situation especially where space is a premium. At only 1.45m wide, ascompared to the usual 1.7m, this scissor lift will traverse the terrain with ease and lift safely thanks to it’s hydraulic outriggers which are used to level the platform before lifting.

Needing to go narrower again? Designed for narrow access, a zippy scaffold solves that problem too as only 600mm wide with a platform at 1.2m. Need a higher platform? Hallway scaffold, also at only 600mm wide, can be built up to a platform height of six meters.

There’s often a solution when it comes to bringing equipment onto a property to complete building or renovation tasks. Even if your access is severely restricted, there’s still equipment available to help you to get the job done.

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