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The various uses of Post Hole Diggers

[dropcap]A[/dropcap] post hole borer also called a post hole digger is a piece of machinery that is used for the purposes of boring narrow but deep holes. For example: post holes for fencing, footings for decks and buildings or holes for planting trees/shrubs/saplings. There are several different types of post hole diggers and the one that you choose will depend on; the type of work that you are doing, the diameter of holes that you are digging and how many holes you are digging.

Manual Post Hole Digger

The Manual Post Hole Digger is usually used for lighter work . With the help of a crowbar, this tool can be used to dig round holes for the purpose of for planting shrubs or trees or digging a shallow post hole for something small and/or lightweight such as letter box. It comes in various sizes and works best in soft soil.

One Person Post Hole Digger

The Post Hole Digger (1 person) is best suited to shrub and tree planting with an auger selection of either 90mm or 200mm in diameter. It comes with a handy safety feature which stops the auger from digging if it becomes caught on a large obstacle in the hole. This feature makes it ideal for individual use. It runs on 2 stroke petrol and is best used in soft to medium harness soil types.

Two Person Post Hole Digger

Post Hole Digger (2 person) is designed for heavier work and requires two people to operate. There are 150mm, 200mm, 280mm, and 350mm auger sizes available, making this tool the ideal choice for a whole range of post hole digging jobs which may include fencing, signage and deck footings. There are also extension shafts available to dig deeper holes. However, unlike the one person digger, if the auger catches on or hits a hard object, the handle will start to spin so take extra care when using this tool. It runs on 2 stroke petrol and can be successfully used hard soil types with the occasional assistance of a crow bar.

Kanga Hydraulic Post Hole Digger

The versatile Kanga Hydraulic Post Hole Digger can be easily used for all kinds of post hole digging jobs. With auger sizes available up to 450mm, this tool is designed to be easy for one person use. It’s often used for digging holes for fence and gate posts, deck footings or for when you’ve got a LOT of holes to dig! It can be successfully used hard, rocky or clay soil types with the occasional assistance

1.5T Excavator with Auger Drive Attachment

This 1.5T excavator & auger drive attachment package is designed for heavy duty holes. The large auger attachment makes it perfect for building footings, decks and retaining walls footings. It has auger sizes available up to 475mm and because it is attached to excavator arms it has plenty of horizontal reach for hard to access areas.

Post Hole Scraper

Last but not least, there’s nothing worse than digging a deep post hole and being unable to reach the bottom to clear away rubble. This Post Hole Scraper tool will make clearing rubble from post holes an easy task, no matter how big the depth with sizes available from 150-350mm in diameter and with handles up to 2m in length.


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