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Common Items in Home Renovations

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen you renovate your home, whether it be a large or small undertaking, you should carefully plan exactly what work needs to be done, who is going to do it and how, and what tools and equipment you will need to do it right. These are a few items which you may require during common home renovation projects.

Plate Compactors

If you have decided to pave an outdoor entertaining area, under the clothes line or even your driveway, you will need a vibrating plate compactor with enough compaction force to create a solid base as this is crucial to any paving job.

 If your paved area will only have people and furniture on it then a 60kg plate compactor or an 80kg plate compactor are recommended.  Any paved area that will have vehicles driven over it will require at least a 140kg plate compactor. 

Aluminium Trestles & Mobile Towers

To paint or clean the exterior of a house you will need to be standing on a platform which is steady, especially if you are working on a highset house. Aluminium Painters’ Trestles and Aluminium Mobile Towers are two of the most common scaffolds used by painters, house cleaners and carpenters. We carry painters’ trestles ranging from 1.8m to 4.8m as well as standard and narrow Aluminium Mobile Towers ranging from 1.2m to 9.0m.

Nailing guns

With up to 6 nails in each paling, if you are building a paling fence then hammering nails by hand is possibly one of the most tedious and time consuming tasks. Instead, using a coil nail gun will increase your speed and greatly reduce the amount of energy required to drive a nail in.

All of our nail guns are available for hire as a packaged unit as well. For example, the coil nail gun unit comes with the coil nail gun, an electric air compressor, and two air hoses. 

Rotary Hoe

Using a rotary hoe to work unbroken ground is often the best option if you are preparing to lay new turf.  When you prep for new turf, adding in a special soil mix is recommended to aid the growth process and this can also be blended with your existing soil by using a rotary hoe. Our rotary hoes are hydraulic powered which take away a lot of the grunt work which is why they are ideal for home or commercial landscaping projects. 

Cherry pickers

The cherry picker has many uses in a variety of environments that include construction, fruit picking and filming. In the construction environment especially when working with height, cherry pickers can be used for building maintenance and phone and power pole servicing. 

Cement mixers

There are many home renovation projects which require concrete. Cement mixers, in volumes of either 2 or 3 cubic foot, are used for mixing cement with a concrete blend.  When emptied into a wheel barrow the concrete can be dropped directly into postholes, into an area boxed up for a small slab or moved along a work area when forming garden edging for example. Cement mixer are available for hire with either an electric or petrol engine.

Are you planning or part way through a renovation project? Browse through our extensive range of equipment for hire in our online equipment catalogue or ask us a question by calling 07 3715 9700 or by completing our contact form.

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