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Choosing The Right Product For Narrow Access Worksites

If you are going to need heavy machinery on a worksite that only offers narrow access, then you might find yourself needing to get creative with how you achieve it.

Fortunately, Centenary Hire has a range of products that are perfectly suited to narrow access worksites. These compact and highly manoeuvrable pieces of equipment can easily get to most places that you need them.


Narrow access worksites present a range of logistical challenges for construction and landscaping tasks, sometimes the most difficult of these being how to get the machine into the actual work area. Our 1T Compact Excavator is perfect for these situations as it is only 700 mm wide with fold down ROPS meaning that it can fit through standard doorways. Rubber tracks also lessen the impact on any surfaces that it travels over.

Got a bit more room? We have a 1.7T Compact Excavator for navigating narrow outdoor spaces. Its tracks will retract under the machine to achieve a total width of 990mm and can be expanded out to 1240mm when ready to work. Together these excavators can help you tackle even the narrowest access jobs.

Moving Earth

During your excavation, moving the excavated material and other debris is your next logistical challenge. The Kanga Mini Loader at only 1050mm wide with a bucket capacity of 0.1 cubic meter, is ideal for narrow access work. Excavators also pair perfectly with our 850mm wide Hi-Tip Dumper.  This rubber tracked dumper can navigate rough and steep terrain, all while carrying a full load of up to 800kg.   The operator can ride on a platform at the back or walk behind it and the hi-tip feature makes it a breeze for dumping into skip bins, utes, trailers or small tipper trucks.

We also provide earthmoving packages that come with both excavators and mini loaders. We have both a 1T and 1.7T Earthmoving package available, depending on the nature of the job you need them for.

Our 1 T Earthmoving Package comes with a 1 Tonne Excavator and a Kanga Mini Loader at a saving of around 15%. Meanwhile, the 1.7T Earthmoving Package features a 1.7-tonne excavator along with a Kanga Mini Loader. In both cases, customers can save themselves money by choosing one of our package deals instead of hiring the equipment individually.

Another great option for moving soil and debris around your worksite is by using a portable conveyor. At the shortest length available, this 3.2m portable conveyor makes it easy to manoeuvre into position. You can even daisy chain (link) individual conveyors together to cover a greater distance with them. Also available in 5.4m lengths, one power source can power up to four individual conveyors, each of which is easily manoeuvrable thanks to their lightweight aluminium design.

Boring Work

Finally, our Kanga Hydraulic Post Digger is among the most compact of hydraulic boring machines. The Kanga is capable of easily boring from 150mm up to 450mm diameter holes into different soil types with high rates of success. The Kanga Hydraulic Post Digger can be operated by a single person, which makes it ideal for use on smaller narrow access sites.

Having the right equipment on your side will make any job easier, especially in the world of construction and landscaping. The products highlighted above are just some of what we can offer.

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