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The lost art of DIY Paling Fences

Fifteen years ago on any given weekend in spring or summer, you would be likely to hear the unmistakable sound of a nail gun echoing across the suburbs. Thud, as the nail was hammered home in one shot and hiss, as the air was expelled from the chamber.  Replacing or erecting a new timber paling fence was a task that many confident, and some not so confident, DIYers would attempt to finish in a weekend. Read More

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The various uses of Post Hole Diggers

A post hole borer also called a post hole digger is a piece of machinery that is used for the purposes of boring narrow but deep holes. For example: post holes for fencing, footings for decks and buildings or holes for planting trees/shrubs/saplings. There are several different types of post hole diggers and the one that you choose will depend on; the type of work that you are doing, the diameter of holes that you are digging and how many holes you are digging. Read More

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