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Ladders & More Ladders: Which one to choose?

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]any of the DIY projects that home owners embark on often require the use of some form of specialised equipment that you just won’t find lying about the garage or tool shed. Sometimes this could be as simple as a ladder. No doubt at some stage one of the jobs that is planned will probably need is a sturdy ladder that will hold your weight safely, yet be mobile enough to move about. Did you know that there are quite a number of different kinds of ladders to choose from?

Single Stage Ladders
Sometimes you will simply need a lightweight ladder to reach areas that are just a bit above your natural reach. If you need to access areas from 3m to 6m, a single stage ladder will suffice. These are often called access ladders as they are used for getting in or on top of things. If you need an assortment of tools with you to work at height, a single stage ladder may not be your best option.

Extension Ladders
Most often, extension ladders are used when varying heights will need to be accessed. Extension ladders can range from 5.4m to 9m but will be light enough to be moved from one place to the next and collapse to a shorter length for easy transport. You may not require varying heights but simply need something longer than a single stage ladder. An extension ladder just might be the best option.

Step Ladders
For jobs that require a bit more stability than a single stage or extension ladder, a step ladder may just do the trick. These are often used for working on low gutters and tasks like cleaning ceiling fans, light fittings and skylights indoors. Ranging in height from 1.8 metres to 3.6 metres, a step ladder is typically used because it doesn’t need to be leaned against a wall as they are self-supporting.

Platform Step Ladders
Often used by DIYers for painting jobs around the house, a platform step ladder is ideal. There is a platform which can be stood on as well as handrails for that added bit of safety. Tools and paint can be held on the platform as well. A platform step ladder can be found from 1.45 metres to 2.3 metres and are perfect for tasks that require you to be in one place for a longer period of time.

Power Lifts
Then there are those jobs that are right up high and in open spaces where a step ladder is too short and an extension ladder cannot be supported. These are the types of task you may need a power lift for. A 4.3m power lift can be used outdoors as it is easily manoeuvred into place with a light weight build and large wheels as well as indoors becasue it will fit neatly through a standard size doorway.

So, this is just a brief run down on some of the types of ladders which can be hired from Centenary Hire for those odd DIY projects that crop up from time to time. Believe it or not, this is just a sampling of all the various ladders on the market today. Who know there were so many ladders to choose from?

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