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Preparing for Storm Season: Choose the Right Ladder for Work at Home

Cyclone season in Australia runs from November to April. Thankfully, category 5 storms are rare, but it’s always best to be prepared for Summer storms in any case. Intense wind and heavy rain can cause a lot of damage if homeowners don’t protect their properties.

Here is a list of the ladders you might need when carrying out essential storm preparation works on your property. We’ll discuss what each one is used for, to help you choose the right one for your project.

Single-Stage Ladders

A single-stage access ladder is ideal for accessing the roof if it is no more than 4.5 metres high. These ladders are lightweight and portable, so easy to use for DIY projects. If you need to check the tiles on your roof or make some repairs, a single-stage ladder can help you get the job done. We have 6.0m and 4.2m single stage ladders.

Extension Ladders

Extension ladders are also portable and lightweight, but can be extended. This is useful if you need to reach a higher elevation. Our tallest extension ladder is 10.8m, but when closed, it is only 6m long and will fit in a longer trailer, truck or ute.

Step Ladders

Hire a step ladder to clean out your gutters before a storm arrives. This will help water flow away from your roof when the rain is at its heaviest. Step ladders are also useful for post-storm cleanup
duties. Aluminium step ladders are portable and lightweight; keep one handy for everyday DIY jobs.

Platform Step Ladders

Platform step ladders have a fold-down work platform with a handrail for extra safety. This provides additional workspace plus somewhere to put tools. Use a platform step ladder if you want to work at height and keep a heavy tool box readily accessible.

Elevating Work Platforms

Elevating Work Platforms are useful when a ladder isn’t tall enough or there isn’t a safe wall to lean it against. Hire a Cherry Picker where you have ample space and need both height and reach, while preparing your home for cyclone season.

Other Tools You May Need

Once you have a suitable ladder or power lift, there are a few other tools you might need to get the job done, especially if you need to cut down overhanging tree branches. These include an electric chainsaw, petrol chainsaw, and pole saw.

Centenary Hire has all the tools and equipment you need for cyclone season. Stay safe!

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