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Rediscover your concrete

When done well, concrete work can have a beautiful finish. However, like most things, over time, concrete begins to deteriorate. Thankfully, improving the look of your concrete is easier than you think. Here are some of our top tips to help you rediscover your concrete:

1.      Clean Small Areas of Concrete

Before you decide to break up your old concrete and lay new, you should consider giving it a clean. Cleaning your concrete can have excellent results. However, you must ensure you use the correct equipment to avoid damaging the concrete. If you’re trying to improve the look of a small concrete area, such as a path or patio area, then a 1500psi electric water pressure cleaner is a great tool to use.  Even in smaller areas, a 300mm surface cleaner as an attachment to the water pressure cleaner is the perfect tool to clean flat surfaces quickly with an even finish.

2.      Rediscovering Large Areas of Concrete

Similar to small areas of concrete, cleaning dirt off large areas on concrete can also make them look more attractive as well as removing any built up grime that may be causing a slippery surface. While restoring a large area of concrete, such as a factory floor, might seem like challenging work, with the right tools, you will be surprised at just how little time it will take. The power of a 4000psi petrol water pressure cleaner, paired with a 500mm surface cleaner will have you wondering why you hadn’t tackled that task sooner.

Another option with less pressure is the dual-pressure washer.  This is great for tennis courts, large paved areas and flat driveways.  This pressure cleaner is a small walk behind unit with a single handle to change between high pressure water to the lance or to the under mounted 500mm surface cleaner.

3.      Cleaning Hard to Reach Concrete

Cleaning concrete that is hard to reach can be challenging, think concrete roof tiles. The good news is a 3000psi petrol water pressure cleaner is easy to move around and can be fitted with up to 40m of high pressure hose. Painters and roof restoration contractors often use this water pressure cleaner for house wash downs or roof cleaning in preparation for painting.

4.      Cleaning Concrete Pools

Water pressure washers can also be used for cleaning concrete pools, once they have been emptied or the water level has been lowered of course. A submersible pump is an excellent tool for this job as it will pump out approximately 10,000L per hour. Remember however, that a fibreglass or shell pool cannot be emptied without professional assistance as they are not structurally manufactured to hold back the weight of the dirt surrounding the pool.

5.      Tidy Up Around Your Concrete

Another easy way to make your concrete look better is to make sure you tidy up around it. For example, if the concrete is surrounded by grass, use a Line Trimmer to rediscover the edge of the concrete and tidy the remaining grass with a Lawn Mower. Both of these items can be hired as a lawn keeper combo to get it all done at once.

While all concrete starts to look less attractive over time, the good news is that it is not difficult to improve its appearance. Cleaning your concrete will not only make it safer to walk on, but it can also make it look much closer to how it was when it was new!

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