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How to use Smart Add-ons to give Equipment a Greater Range of Tasks

When hiring earth moving equipment, it is important to remember that there are often smart add-ons that make a single piece of machinery multi-functional through the use of different attachments.  These add-ons can transform the power of a digger into the muscle of a jackhammer or the lift of a crane – supporting site workers when moving heavy items. Next time you hire, It is worth checking out what smart add-ons are available, as you may be able to make the job easier and faster.

Kanga Mini Loader

A Kanga Mini Loader is a great workhorse to have if you need to move soil and other loose materials on site. It can’t be used for excavation, but it will be suitable for moving material from one location to another. It comes with a 4-in-1 bucket and an optional transportation trailer.

The power head attachment for a Kanga Mini Loader is used to drive augers into the ground, often in preparation for installing fencing. It can be taken as an extra accessory or hired as a hydraulic post hole digger without the 4-in-1 bucket.

If you are digging trenches, add the trencher attachment to the order. It’s a useful add-on and can handle many soil types.

If you need to break up some hard soil surfaces, consider using the 2 blade ripper attachment for the Kanga Mini Loader. It will make short work of the job.

The carryall leveller attachment is also useful. The top side of the attachment is great for carrying heavy materials, such as cement bags or turf, and the underside can be used to spread and level soil.

Kanga Kid Mini Loader

The Kanga Kid Mini Loader is the little brother of the Kanga Mini Loader. It isn’t quite as big, but it is just as useful on-site. Like its big brother, the Kanga Kid Mini Loader will happily shift loose materials around and not even break a sweat while doing it.

Pick up the Kanga Kid post hole borer for boring into soil much faster than with a shovel and crow bar.

Compact Excavator

A 1.7T Compact Excavator is your best friend if your project involves working in tough conditions. It makes digging in tight spaces look easy and can handle some serious digging.

The auger drive attachment is great for digging post holes and the rock breaker attachment can be useful if you are boring through rocky ground or breaking up concrete slabs. Add on the hydraulic grab attachment to move rocks or tree debris from the site.

The sleeper grab attachment can be used with all three of the above items.

Need any more information about smart add-ons? Contact the team at Centenary Hire today!

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