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Ladder Safety and Working Safely at Heights

Ladder Safety | It’s all about reducing the risks

Anyone who has the need to use ladders in the course of their work or for a DIY project should always be aware of the risks. Many of the risks can be identified by starting with an understanding of basic ladder safety and working safely at heights principles.

For your safety it is crucial to take a few precautionary measures which will minimise your risk, to ensure that the time you spend on a ladder is safe and secure as possible. Following are some tips that are intended to keep you safe and prevent accidents that could be devastating.
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Ladders & More Ladders: Which one to choose?

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Many of the DIY projects that home owners embark on often require the use of some form of specialised equipment that you just won’t find lying about the garage or tool shed. Sometimes this could be as simple as a ladder. No doubt at some stage one of the jobs that is planned will probably need is a sturdy ladder that will hold your weight safely, yet be mobile enough to move about. Did you know that there are quite a number of different kinds of ladders to choose from?
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