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Our New Vacuum Sucks! (Sorry … Excuse the Pun)

Funny pun … but serious issue.  Dust extraction is equally as important as the actual grinding itself because without it, we could breathe in the fine dust which could be detrimental to our health. These ‘M’ class dust extraction vacuums have been specially designed to handle demands of concrete grinding, a processes that produces volumes...
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Temporary Pool Fencing Requirements in Queensland

Like the rest of Australia, Queensland has regulations in place regarding the use of temporary fencing when constructing a new pool or renovating an existing one. Therefore, anyone planning on undertaking these works must know what those regulations are. The Requirements at a Glance Temporary pool fencing in Queensland must adhere to the following requirements:...
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Building Site Preparation Tips

Planning is key for the preparation of a building site. One of the first things many construction managers do is to draw up a checklist of what they will need before work commences. Here are five considerations which should feature in that checklist. Secure Your Site with Appropriate Fencing One of the first things that...
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Power Broom for Artificial Grass

This power broom makes quick work of an otherwise arduous and physically demanding task. Fire it up for use during installation of your artificial grass when the thought of brooming all that sand by hand has got you wondering why you started this job in the first place. Everybody has a broom, but it’s all...
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Coming Soon! Sleeper Grab Attachment.

Here is another great addition to our range of equipment for hire. A sleeper grab is a non-powered, scissor action clamping device which is commonly suspended on the end of an excavator boom for lifting and placing concrete sleepers into retaining wall channels. The model we will make available will be able to lift most...
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How to restore and maintain decking

A deck is something that can add real value and function to your yard. It provides homeowners with the perfect place to sit & relax, entertain & BBQ all while enjoying being outdoors. With that said, any wooden deck is prone to wear and tear from use over the years as well as weathering due...
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Choosing the right floor sander for your job

For people who haven’t had to sand a floor before, it’s hard to know where to begin with choosing equipment. Here’s a quick guide to the different floor sanders and what you need to know about them. Drum Floor Sanders Drum floor sanders are the workhorse of floor sanding tasks and are designed to sand...
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Tips for excavating your Yard

Excavating a yard is a major undertaking and perhaps not something that you should just do on a whim. Before you begin any excavation work, consider all aspects of the task.  Here are a few things that you might want to consider. Check For Underground Utilities Before you begin any major excavation work on your...
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Just Arrived and Ready to Work

Whether you’re plumbing, landscaping, clearing or just having a bit of a dig around, our new Kubota U17-3 excavators will put a smile on your face. Certainly not lacking in the power department, these excavators which are fitted with a tiling hitch, will increase the efficiency of the most green through to the most experienced...
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