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1, 2 Skip a Few ... 50!

Increased Efficiency – Yes Please!

If you’re installing plasterboard sheets, sometimes called gyprock or drywall, chances are you have a cordless drill with a phillips head bit. Here are the next questions that should be asked before commencing the job.:

  • Will it drive the screws in?  Yes.
  • Is there a chance that the driver bit will slip off the screw head? Yes.
  • Will you end up with holes in your new plasterboard sheet when the drill impacts the wall? Yes.
  • Would a tool that contains both the screw and driver bit inside a casing that lines up each screw head be helpful? Yes, that seems efficient!
  • How will you hold all the screws needed for the job? In your hand or mouth, in your pocket or in the container on the ground.
  • Does a plastic strip of 50 screws, perfectly spaced and loaded once sound useful? Yes, that seems efficient!

Still want to use your cordless drill and fumble each one of the hundreds of screws used when doing a drywall installation job?

We recently upgraded our auto feed, cordless screwdriver.  You can adjust the nose to suit the size screw you are using. You can do a further fine adjustment for setting the perfect depth of the screw head.  You can load strips of 50 screws at one time.  You can also set the trigger to auto start which starts the motor on contact … that seems efficient!

Check out his beaut tool in our online Equipment Catalogue.

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