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How to control humidity and dampness

Australia is no stranger to hot and humid weather, which is a side effect of heavy rainfall and hot sunshine. The excessive humidity can lead to damp issues in buildings if preventative measures are not taken. Sometimes the solution might be as simple as fixing a leaky pipe, but other times, the underlying cause is more complex.

Read on for a list of equipment homeowners and business owners can use to control dampness and humidity in a building.


Dehumidifiers are a really useful piece of equipment. In a domestic setting, a dehumidifier is great for controlling excess humidity around the home, and if an appliance has leaked all over the carpet or a basement smells a bit damp, plug in a dehumidifier to suck all the excess moisture out of the air. Hire an 80L dehumidifier for smaller rooms or a larger 100L dehumidifier for bigger spaces.

Extraction Fans

Extraction fans are really useful for improving the airflow through a room and sucking out damp, humid air. Most people install extraction fans in bathrooms and shower rooms because these are
typically rooms with a higher-than-normal level of humidity. By extracting moist air, you can prevent problems like mould and mildew. Choose from a 300mm extraction fan or a 600mm extraction fan for larger areas.

Carpet Dryers

It is imperative to deal with a leak as quickly as possible. If wet carpets are not dried out quickly, it won’t be long before mould begins to grow, and the carpet is ruined. Instead of opening a window and hoping for the best, hire a carpet dryer. This will ensure your carpets are dry much faster.

Pedestal Fans

Pedestal fans are great for domestic and industrial settings. Plug in a pedestal fan to improve air flow. This is a quick and easy way to reduce problems caused by high humidity and stagnant air. Hire a few high-volume pedestal fans for larger rooms.

Space Heater

Space heaters are useful if you want to speed up the drying process for concrete, cement, plaster, paint, and more. Instead of leaving it to dry naturally, which will cause high levels of humidity as the moisture evaporates, hire an industrial space heater with an LPG bottle.

Electric Heat Gun

An electric heat gun is a useful tool for drying smaller areas of paint and varnish and other surfaces. It can also be used to strip paint.

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