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7 Drills and When To Use Them

Drills are an essential tool for any DIY enthusiast or tradie. There are many different ones to choose from, so let us give you brief run through the main types so you know when, and when not to use them.

Core Drill

If you have a concrete, brick or rock material that requires neat, precise and/or deep holes, a core drill is a tool you need. Tradies often use core drills to drill a large hole through a wall, so pipework can be fitted for example.  It is also commonly used for fitting spigots used for securing glass pool fencing. If you are installing an extraction fan at home, a core drill will come in handy.

Air Drill

Air drills are light and compact. They are the same as a standard electric drill but they use compressed air instead to generate rotational force. An air drill is a great drill for when you are working in an environment where you cannot have the spark that is associatd with electric drills.

Magnetic Base Drill

A magnetic base drill is the tool for the job when drilling precisely positioned holes in steel is required.  This drill locks itself into position care of the magnetic base and for this reason can also be used in the vertical and overhead positions. This is compact low speed, hi torque drill that can be used with twist shank drill bits or a rotor broach. It’s often called a mag drill for short.

Right Angle Drill

If you have a space that is really awkward to access but you need to drill holes in there somehow, a right angle drill could come in handy. The head of the drill is set at a right angle for easier maneuvering. Our right angle drills have a comfortable grip so you can use it with one hand if necessary.

High Torque Drill

A high torque drill is a hand held drill that has all the power you need if you want to drill into steel, timber or even use a mixing paddle in mortar or similar. It is a good all-purpose drill for DIY enthusiasts.

Cordless Drill

There will be times when you need to use a drill but don’t have ready access to a power outlet. This is where a cordless drill is essential. They typically come with two battery packs, so you can charge one while using the other. Our cordless drills are perfect for masonry, timber, and metal.

Rotary Hammer Drill

Use a rotary hammer drill – SDS Plus (accepts 10mm drill bit shanks) for drilling into concrete. It also has a chisel function if needed. This is a drill for heavy-duty tasks, as uses a true rotating hammer action for highly effective drilling. If you need to drill a larger hole, go for the rotary hammer drill – SDS Max (accepts 18mm drill bit shanks).

Still not sure what drill to hire? Ask us for some advice!

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