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Get your Home Ready for Christmas with Centenary Hire

Are you preparing for an upcoming event or orchestrating an unforgettable outdoor Christmas celebration? Look no further than Centenary Hire to help with the venue preparation work. Our diverse selection of equipment ensures that your to-do list will get done efficiently and with good results.

How to Prepare for an Outdoor Christmas Party
As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to shift your focus to festive celebrations. Planning an outdoor Christmas party can be a joyful experience but not if your outdoor area is not up to scratch, it could lead to disappointment. We’ve got the tools and equipment to help with part of preparation.

1. Declutter, Tidy & Deep Clean
A good first step is to declutter the backyard, removing any debris and disposing of it in an environmentally friendly manner. Pack away toys or pet products, and relocate bins or other stored items to an inconspicuous area. Once decluttered, a thorough clean comes next. Centenary Hire offers a variety of equipment to make tough cleaning jobs a breeze.

  • Water Pressure Cleaners: Ideal for deep cleaning patios, the Electric 1500PSI Water Pressure Cleaner is an industrial strength water pressure cleaner that uses a combination of water pressure and volume to create a superior cleaning performance. For truly neglected areas, the Petrol-powered 3000 PSI Water Pressure Cleaner has serious pressure to lift flaking paint and to remove in ground dirt buildup.
    ● Increase the cleaning efficiency of our Water Pressure Cleaners with a Rotary Surface Cleaners: Choose from 300mm size for the electric model or 500mm size for the petrol model. These are great for large areas like patios, driveways and even tennis courts. Not only do they produce a consistent finish, they contain the water overspray and splashes as well.
    ● Get serious with the Turbo Lance: Perfect for deep cleaning stubborn areas with its agitating action. After the cleaning is complete, turn your attention to garden furniture, utilise your
    water pressure cleaners to quickly and easily remove dirt and grime without much
    elbow grease. Once you’re done, give them a wipe them down or consider refinishing
    with a fresh coat of paint or wood preserver for a polished look.

2. Stain the Deck
If your deck requires restaining after cleaning, our Orbital Floor Sander is up for the task. It effortlessly sands over dome head nails, ensuring a quick and efficient job. For decks without dome head nails, we also offer the Hiretech Floor Sander and an Edge Sander to get right up against the walls. Sorry, the corners still require elbow grease!

3. Tackle the Garden
Survey your plants, shrubs, hedges, and trees. Eliminate weeds where necessary and for a well-groomed appearance, consider using a Hedge Trimmer to neatly shape the shrubs and bushes. Solar lights hanging in trees and bushes will create a charming illumination effect after the sun sets.

4. Table and Chair Hire
With your space sorted, provide comfortable seating with our White Bistro Chairs and increase food serving surfaces with our light Trestle Tables. For larger gatherings, consider weekend hire of a chemical toilet to enhance guest convenience and/or keep guests out of your house!

What about Power?? Hiring a silenced 2000 watt Inverter Generator, means you’re not restricted to how far your extension cord can reach. Think about the convenience of having a mini fridge at hand outside or even a PA system to play your tunes.

5. Last Considerations for the Big Day
Christmas in Australia is usually one of two things, stinking hot or raining, and you can pretty much bet your Christmas Lunch on an afternoon storm or two. With this in mind, seriously consider how the weather will affect your plans – do you have shade, need a tarp or something more like a marquee?

See what else Centenary Hire has to offer. Visit the Centenary Hire Website today to explore our extensive range of products to see what could help your next project or event be a resounding success.

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