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Advantages of Hiring Construction Tools & Equipment

In the world of construction, home maintenance and DIY, the need for reliable tools and equipment is paramount. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a DIY enthusiast, the advantages of hiring construction tools and equipment are numerous. From ensuring top-notch maintenance to adhering to legislative compliance, the benefits are clear. Let’s delve into the key reasons why you should consider renting these vital resources.

Maintenance: Keeping Your Tools in Prime Condition

Maintenance is a crucial aspect necessary with many tools and equipment. Keeping your equipment in prime condition ensures optimal performance and safety. Consider the 14″ demo saw, a versatile and powerful tool that’s a staple in many construction sites. These saws are prone to wear and tear, which means regular complicated and expensive servicing is essential. By hiring a demo saw, you can sidestep the maintenance headache and if you hire your 14” demo saw & blade through Centenary Hire, you’ll always have access to a well-maintained and ready-to-use saw.

Another example is the hedge trimmer, a must for landscaping and garden maintenance. Used mainly during a hedge’s growing cycle, these tools require engine maintenance as well as blade sharpening to keep their cuts clean. Instead of investing all your free time sharpening all those blade edges, consider hiring it from us, and leaving the maintenance to the professionals.

For those tree removal tasks, a stump grinder is indispensable. These machines need extensive maintenance, especially the sharpening of all the cutting teeth. By renting a stump grinder, you avoid the responsibility of maintenance and can trust that the equipment will perform flawlessly every time.

Storage and Transport: Streamlining Your Work

Construction equipment can take up a considerable amount of space and transporting it can be a logistical challenge. Take the 4.8m aluminium trestle, for instance. It’s a versatile tool for elevated work, but it can be a headache to store and transport. When you hire this trestle from Centenary Hire, you get the convenience of having it delivered to your work site and picked up when you’re done, saving you valuable time and space.

Regular Use: Cherry Pickers and Occasional Needs

A 10.9m cherry picker is a versatile machine used for accessing high or hard-to-reach areas. While it’s a valuable asset for many construction projects, it may not be a tool you need every day. Hiring a cherry picker when the need arises is a cost-effective solution. You get the job done efficiently without the ongoing expense of owning and maintaining this specialized equipment.

Legislative Compliance: Prioritizing Safety

Construction projects often involve working at heights, making legislative compliance a top priority. Safety harnesses and roofers’ safety kits are essential for the well-being of workers. The Australian Legislation under AS/NZS 1981.4:2009, requires that before each hire these items are inspected by a competent person, and every 6 months these items are inspected by a certified person. Do you really want to be the person who ensures this is done every time the equipment is used?

Hiring safety equipment ensures that you are always compliant with regulations. Furthermore, you can trust that the gear you rent is up to code and regularly inspected for safety. This helps prevent accidents and keeps your project on the right side of the law.

Quality Tools: Access to the Best in the Industry

When you hire construction tools and equipment, you gain access to the latest and highest-quality tools on the market. Take for example, Centenary Hire’s Husquvarna Core Drill. This top-of-the-line tool features all the latest features and tech to enable optimal drilling performance. Hiring from Centenary Hire means that we invest in top-of-the-line equipment so you don’t have too. This means you can benefit from the most advanced and efficient tools available without the upfront cost of purchasing them.

In conclusion, the advantages of hiring construction tools and equipment are numerous. From avoiding maintenance headaches to ensuring legislative compliance, and from enjoying the convenience of storage and transport to using the best quality tools, hiring equipment is the smart choice for any construction, landscaping, building or DIY project. So, the next time you embark on a venture, consider the benefits of equipment rental for a smoother, more efficient, and safer construction process

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