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Don't miss the last of the warm weather

Winter is approaching, and there is still plenty to do to get our yards and gardens ready to handle the cold months.  

Don’t miss the last of the warm weather

Winter is approaching, and there is still plenty to do to get our yards and gardens ready to handle the cold months.   Here are a few recommendations to get a yard ready before Winter, to make sure your lawn survives the cold and is ready for you in the spring.

Cut the Grass

The first step is the simplest and most obvious. You don’t want to have to go out in winter to cut any lawn growth, so give it a cut a few last times before winter comes so you can avoid the job in the cold weather.

For smaller lawns, we recommend the Lawn Keeper Combo to get the job done easily and trim any edges. If you have a bigger property you will need something like a Zero Turn Mower to get the grass cut in the most efficient manner. If you have a lot of brush and overgrown grass to tackle on your property, also get the job done quickly with a Brush Cutter.

Give the Roots a Fighting Chance

Grass can have a tough time surviving cold weather. If the ground is too hard, the roots of the grass have trouble absorbing rainfall and nutrients from the soil.

By using a Lawn Aerator, you can start the process of loosening your top soil which will help prepare your lawn for the winter and ensure that it makes it to spring without looking ‘patchy’.

Can’t wait until Spring?

Alternatively, if you are thinking of replacing your lawn, or growing new grass, then you’re running out of time before winter comes.

Use a Turf Cutter to quickly and easily remove any patches of a lawn that you are going to replace, regrow or repurpose.  Using a Rotary Hoe to prepare the area, will break up and churn the topsoil ready for new lawn.  You can even use the rotary hoe to turn in some new soil that is designed to assist turf growth.  Beats doing it with a fork or shovel.

What is Stealing Sunlight or Water?

If you’ve got tree branches or shrubs overhanging your lawn area they may be throwing shade on your lawn when it would do much better with full sun.  If you get in and cut them down or cut them back, a great way to deal with the cuttings, and any other organic debris is to throw them through a Chipper/Mulcher. This will turn the waste into material that can be used for compost.

Tree stumps too, can hamper your lawn growth by taking water that is not intended for them.  But  removing the stumps of trees can be a lot of hard work. With a Stump Grinder however, you can make short work of most stumps without swinging a pick or hanging off a shovel.

Getting your lawn and garden ready before winter doesn’t need to be a lot of hard work or overly time-consuming. With the right approach and the right equipment, you can get the lawn ready for winter with ease, and have ready to bounce back beautiful and lush in the spring.

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