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Controlling Humidity and Dampness

Here's a list of equipment that will be pivotal when trying to remedy increased dampness in the home or get more comfortable during the oppressive humid days.

Controlling Humidity and Dampness

Australia has seen more than its fair share of extreme weather as of late. While wildfires have engulfed large parts of the country, other areas are now dealing with the pros and cons of heavy rainfall which has been coupled with high temperatures.  The rain and high temperatures of course lead to those uncomfortable and sticky humid days and in some cases homes and buildings are left with dampness inside due to water penetration.

So, what can be done? Most importantly, if you have had water enter an internal area make sure that the source of the water has stopped.  From this point we’ve created a list of equipment that will be pivotal when trying to remedy increased dampness in the home or get more comfortable during the oppressive humid days.

Pedestal Fan

A high volume pedestal fan can be extremely useful at a workplace as that it’s able to move a large volume of air at once over a large distance. This is a great way to help fight some of that extreme heat and humidity that is prompting dampness in the home.

Extraction Fans

In a similar way, extraction fans will create air flow through an area.  Instead of blowing air into an area, they suck the air out causing fresh air to be drawn in from other areas.  In smaller space then the 300mm extraction fan is a great option.   For larger and quite open areas, then you can opt for the 600mm extraction fan.

Carpet Dryer

If you’re dealing with water damage or just dampness on a carpet, then a carpet dryer will be the best piece of equipment to reach for. By design it can be placed so that the air outlet is against the floor for maximum results. Lift the carpet to allow it to blow air under it as this will dry it out faster and more effectively.


If the activities in your home or work environment are sensitive to humidity, addressing the increase in humidity can be achieved with a dehumidifier. In the circumstances where carpet is wet, paper records have become wet or even a sub terrain area has an smell and feel of dampness, dehumidifiers are used as a successful method of drawing out the embedded moisture which in turn results in drying.

Depending on your needs, the size of the home/room, and the amount of humidity there is the 80L dehumidifier or the 100L dehumidifier. Again, these units are portable so you can move them around where needed.

Portable Air Conditioners

If you’re dealing with heat as well as humidity, then you want to consider an air conditioner as this will remove the humidity from the air as well as cooling its target area. The industrial 5kw portable Air Conditioner can be extremely handy as it can be installed with a minimum of fuss and get to cooling very quickly. For larger spaces, opt for the industrial 6.0kW portable air conditioner with increased cooling capacity and a stronger fan motor to blow the cool air.  Both units are portable and can be moved reasonably easily on an as needs basis.

Each of these equipment items will help to keep your area cool, dry, and comfortable.

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