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Spring is Here! It’s time to clean the outdoors

For many households, Spring Cleaning has become something of a passion for homeowners. Over the years, the nature of spring cleaning has changed quite a lot. It wasn’t long ago that spring cleaning was something most of us would reluctantly do only out of necessity.

Now, however, being responsible adults, spring cleaning has become one of the most important dates in our calendars. When spring cleaning is done right, it can bring enormous benefits to homeowners. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can make the most out of your next spring clean.

Cleaning Outdoor Areas

Wherever you have an outdoor area, there will be the potential for dirt and algae to build up. Fortunately, clearing this up shouldn’t be too difficult. For most people, the brooms and hoses that they keep around the home will be enough, but some people will require a floor scrubber. If this isn’t powerful enough for your needs, you might need to instead look into an electric 1500psi electric water pressure cleaner instead. If you have concerns about any water from your other equipment being flung about the place and splashing nearby services, consider whether a 300mm rotary surface cleaner attachment might be the answer. This attachment will contain any splashes and overspray, while also allowing you to clean a much wide surface area in a single pass.

Cleaning Driveways and Paths

Our driveways and paths are often overlooked when many of us set about our spring cleaning. However, they are every bit as important as the rest of the home and much easier to give a complete makeover to than many people realise. The best tool for this is a water pressure cleaner. Most people opt for a petrol-powered unit, such as a 3000psi petrol water pressure cleaner, or a 4000psi petrol water pressure cleaner.

Alternatively, a newer type of machine, known as a dual pressure washer can come in handy. This is an all in one water pressure cleaner, which has another 400mm rotary surface cleaner attached to the bottom. This can then act as a walk behind cleaner.


We all need a refuge from the gorgeous Australian weather now and then! As lucky as we are to live in such a uniquely diverse and beautiful landscape, although not everyone is jealous of our murderous wildlife and summer Christmases. If you do own a pool, an electric submersible pump (for draining a pool for cleaning) is useful.

With the right equipment and the right attitude, spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, it can be a welcome excuse to get all of those minor DIY repairs you’ve always been meaning to out of the way at last!

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