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Dust Extraction Vacuum


Our New Vacuum Sucks! (Sorry … Excuse the Pun)

Funny pun … but serious issue.  Dust extraction is equally as important as the actual grinding itself because without it, we could breathe in the fine dust which could be detrimental to our health. These ‘M’ class dust extraction vacuums have been specially designed to handle demands of concrete grinding, a processes that produces volumes of fine dust.

Using a large single motor and a tapered filter cartridge, performance of this dust extraction vacuum boasts a collection volume of approximately 19 litres.  That is approximately 32kg of concrete dust!  This performance is ensured by a rotary filter cleaning mechanism which either automatically cleans the filter during operation or can be used to restore maximum suction power by activating it for a period of 20 seconds.

Best of all, there are only 2 switches to make things work.  Should be easy enough for everyone to use … as long as you remember to connect the hose!

Call our Hire Desk on 3715 9700 today for more information or view the dust extraction vacuum in our Equipment Catalogue.

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